Poll: Will The Kings Move To Seattle?

Earlier today, it was reported that the Maloofs were finalizing an agreement to sell the Kings to a Seattle-based group led by investor Chris Hansen.  That's certainly cause for celebration for the basketball widows in Seattle, but the deal isn't as close to being completed as first thought. 

We've been through this before with the Maloofs.  There have been rumors of the team being sold over the years and in 2012 they were being courted by the city of Virginia Beach.  Of course, all of that conjecture has yet to manifest itself in the form of a sale or a move.  It seems that most NBA fans outside of Sacramento are on board with the Sonics 2.0, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the transaction will go through.  When all is said and done, do you think we will see the Association return to the Emerald City?


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3 thoughts on “Poll: Will The Kings Move To Seattle?

  1. Steve Svendsen

    I guess I’ll only have to hate being a Kings fan for a couple more months.

  2. DieHardMsFan

    Man I have a bitter sweet feeling about this. I am happy that as a Sonic fan I can once again have a team to root for. That said I feel sorry for the Kings fan as it seem for around a decade or so they have been screwed by the NBA with the team moving being sold the icing on the cake. (I was rooting for you guys to beat LA in the playoffs. Still one of the worst moments in sports IMO).

    That said hopefully if this move is completed. No one is going Seattle or Chris Hansen. They have said from the start whatever franchise they will buy, they will move. Blame the Maloofs for selling.

  3. Hec4Mets

    Such a damn shame for Kings fans me being a Magic fan knows the troubles of getting a new arena in a city which thankfully we did get one over here to keep the team here but I feel for ya’ll a shame the ownership is in it for themselves and not the fans.


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