Trade Exceptions Set To Expire At Deadline

As our list of outstanding traded player exceptions shows, there are a number of trade exceptions that could be in play as this season's deadline approaches. A trade exception allows a team to absorb a salary without sending any salary out in return. For instance, with the $4.2MM exception the Grizzlies obtained when they traded Marreese Speights to Cleveland, Memphis could acquire one or more players who are earning $4.3MM this season ($4.2MM + $100K).

Trade exceptions, which cannot be combined, expire a year after they're initially acquired, so the TPEs that were created at last year's March trade deadline will expire if they go unused on or before February 21st. While the exceptions don't expire until March, teams obviously won't have the opportunity to use them during the few weeks after the deadline passes.

Most notable among those exceptions set to expire in March is the $13MM TPE the Nuggets obtained when they dealt Nene to Washington at the 2012 deadline. The Nuggets are very unlikely to use that entire exception, but it certainly gives them some added flexibility as they weigh their options over the next three weeks.

Here's the complete list of traded player exceptions that will expire if they go unused at the trade deadline:

  • Denver Nuggets: $13,000,000
  • Golden State Warriors: $3,294,960
  • Milwaukee Bucks: $2,506,500
  • Brooklyn Nets: $1,390,000
  • Brooklyn Nets: $1,377,383
  • Los Angeles Clippers: $1,223,166
  • Memphis Grizzlies: $1,184,750
  • Los Angeles Lakers: $854,389(*)
  • San Antonio Spurs: $854,389
  • Los Angeles Lakers: $544,340

(* This TPE was initially listed as $1,422,027 and had since been corrected.)

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