Brandon Jennings Frustrated With Bucks?

6:18pm: In a text message to's Chris Broussard, Jennings has denied that he wants to be traded from the Bucks by next week's deadline. "That is not true," Jennings texted.  "Just because I got a new agent doesn't mean anything.  That stuff never came out of my mouth.  They're just reaching for a story since I changed my agent."

The 23-year-old point guard dropped agent Bill Duffy in favor of Jeff Schwartz on February 4.  Jennings, who will be a restricted free agent this summer, has hinted in the past that he may be eyeing a move to a larger market and some have speculated that he was frustrated he didn't make the All-Star team and may hold Milwaukee's small market status accountable.  Jennings refuted that claim on Wednesday. 

"Being in Milwaukee wasn't the reason I didn't make the All-Star Game.  Guys just had better numbers than me."

12:12pm:  While the Bucks insist they're not shopping Brandon Jennings, the team may have to seriously consider fielding offers for Jennings in the next week, according to's Chad Ford. In an Insider-only piece for, Ford reports that Jennings is frustrated with the Bucks and would prefer to play in a bigger market. One source cites "irreconcilable differences" between the two sides.

Jennings, in his fourth season, didn't reach an agreement on a long-term extension with the Bucks last fall, which is one source of his frustration. However, the Bucks will still have the opportunity to retain him this summer by extending a qualifying offer. At that point, Jennings could accept the one-year qualifying offer and be eligible for unrestricted free agency a year later. But the more likely scenario would involve him seeking out a long-term offer sheet with a rival team, then hoping the Bucks don't exercise their ability to match.

Agent Bill Duffy was recently let go by Jennings, who is expected to officially hire Jeff Schwartz as soon as the waiting period for switching agents allows it. Schwartz is a noted proponent of larger markets, and according to Ford, he will be tasked with getting Jennings out of Milwaukee via trade or a large offer sheet this summer. The Mavericks, Magic, and Hawks are considered the most likely suitors for Jennings, says Ford.

The Bucks reportedly told Jennings they expect to match any offer sheet he receives in free agency next summer, so we'll see if that stance still applies, despite the seemingly deteriorating relationship between the two sides. Last summer, we saw restricted free agents like Nicolas Batum and Eric Gordon express some desire to leave their respective teams, but their offer sheets were ultimately matched by the Trail Blazers and Hornets. Like those clubs, the Bucks will have most of the leverage, so their decision this week or this summer will be an interesting one.

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