John Wall Believes He’s A Max-Salary Player

John Wall still has a year remaining on his contract after this season, but he'll be eligible to sign a contract extension with the Wizards as of this July. In a conversation with Zach Lowe of Grantland, Wall says he hasn't started thinking about contract negotiations, but that he's enjoying playing in D.C. Asked if he felt like he was worthy of a maximum-salary extension, Wall replied, "I feel like I am. I do, definitely."

For a player who was selected first overall in the draft, the response isn't surprising. It also doesn't necessarily mean Wall will be demanding a max deal — like Josh Smith before him, the Wizards point guard was asked a question about his worth and answered it honestly. Whether or not the Wizards believe he's worth that amount will be the primary factor in the terms of Wall's next contract.

Wall, 22, is earning about $5.92MM this season and will make $7.46MM in 2013/14. If the Wizards choose to make him the team's designated player, like the Clippers did with Blake Griffin and the Rockets did with James Harden last offseason, Washington could extend his contract for five more years for any amount up to the max.

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2 thoughts on “John Wall Believes He’s A Max-Salary Player

  1. Samir

    why don’t you just give every player a max deal?! God damn, it seems like everyone thinks they are worth the max

    • Guest

      Agreed…The max should be for the best players… not the Rudy Gay’s of the world.
      Everyone makes a big deal of Derozan getting around 11m per year, and Wall might get the max!? ridiculous. (yes, I know he’s better, and has more potential… I’m just saying… Wall getting the max is ridiculous unless perhaps he puts up 20+ppg and 8+ apg for the next 100 games…)

      I feel the NBA salary cap system is broke in some ways (but I don’t know much about the subject)


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