Poll: Which Big Man Should The Jazz Keep?

Last week, we heard that the Jazz are expected to retain either Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap, but not both.  Both big men are headed for unrestricted free agency and the club will likely seek out a sign-and-trade deal for whichever player that they don't keep so that they don't come away empty-handed.  In a perfect world, Utah would keep both in the fold, but with Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter both figuring to see more playing time in the years to come, it doesn't make sense to cut back elsewhere to keep both players.

Regardless of which player you like more, it's certainly not a slam dunk decision.  Yes, Jefferson makes significantly more this season than Millsap ($15MM versus $7.2MM) but both players are likely to command similar deals this offseason.  They both have PERs of 20.6 and the age gap is only a matter of days. 

Jefferson, at 6'10" can be plugged in at the center position easily, which can't be said for the 6'8" Millsap.  Jefferson, however, hasn't developed as well on the defensive side of the ball as Utah would have liked.  He's also not as tenacious of a rebounder as Millsap, who can help clean the glass as a complementary piece to Favors and Kanter.

Utah will have a tough decision on their hands this summer, and now you do as well, Hoops Rumors reader.  Take your pick.

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4 thoughts on “Poll: Which Big Man Should The Jazz Keep?

  1. alphakira

    You simply can’t teach size. For the same money you have to side with Big Al.

    • FlaveFlava

      Agreed. Al’s been putting up All Star numbers for years.

  2. Guest

    “He’s also not as tenacious of a rebounder as Millsap, who can help clean the glass as a complementary piece to Favors and Kanter.”

    I think Jefferson will be able to handle the responsibility… considering he has had a higher RPG, and rebounding percentage for the past 7 years (aka Millsap’s entire career)
    Although in Milsap’s defense, he has been a better offensive rebounder the past few years.
    And I guess you never claimed he was a better rebounder (for totals) anyway, just more “tenacious”.

  3. Millsap is a better complimentary piece than Jefferson, and he doesn’t play as close to the rim. Kanter and Favors both play close to the basket. If they can get Millsap at 40-44M over 4 years, take Millsap


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