Update On Tentative 2013 NBA Draft Order

With just over a month remaining in the regular season, some NBA teams are already being officially eliminated from the postseason, and plenty more will follow in the coming weeks. Fans of those lottery-bound teams, or readers who already have an eye on this June's draft, will want to keep an eye on a Hoops Rumors feature that's updated daily: Our tentative NBA draft order.

The list is based on this year's "reverse standings" and will be updated every morning for the rest of the season. Draft pick trades have been included via footnotes, and teams who are tied in the standings are marked with asterisks (tiebreakers are eventually determined via coin flip). A lottery team's odds to land the first overall pick are also included in the chart.

While it may not be getting as much attention as the race for the Western Conference playoffs, there's plenty of intrigue to be found in the current lottery order. Seven teams, from the Wizards at No. 3 to the Timberwolves at No. 9, are currently separated by a game and a half, meaning we could see plenty of fluctuation in the reverse standings over the next several weeks.

Besides the likely changes that are still to come in the standings, May's draft lottery also figures to shake things up a little at the top of the draft, but our tentative draft order represents how things will look next June 27th if everything holds to form. You can check out the up-to-date list anytime using the link under Hoops Rumors Features on the right sidebar.

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