76ers Weighing Options On Bynum

According to Tom Moore of PhillyBurbs.com, the 76ers are currently undecided on the future of Andrew Bynum but would still consider re-signing him. Managing owner Josh Harris, who insists that he'd still approve last year's trade if given the chance again, told the media that the team is "going to look to bring Andrew back," despite the young center failing to suit up for Philadelphia this year due to injury. Harris adds: 

“A healthy Bynum is a needle mover, a top 15 player…We’re going to weigh the positives and the negatives and try to make a reasoned assessment about what’s appropriate for Andrew. Certainly, we’re open to the prospect of bringing him back…I’m not saying we’re going to bring him back. I’m saying we haven’t ruled it out. Bringing Andrew back is an important risk that we’re not ignoring.”

Earlier this month, we heard that Bynum would consider a return to Philadelphia next season. Though with the former Lakers star slated to head into free agency coming off of arthroscopic surgery on both knees, it remains anyone's guess in terms of how interested teams will try to assess his value this summer. 

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