Highest-Paid Players By Team For 2013/14

As non-playoff teams prepare to seek offseason upgrades, it's worth taking a look at a few of the salary commitments already on teams' books for 2013/14. We'll do this more thoroughly in the coming weeks, as we preview each club's offseason individually. But for now, let's check in on each team's highest-paid player.

In some cases, a free-agent-to-be will ultimately become the highest-paid player on his team for 2013/14. In other instances, a player that currently projects to be his club's highest-paid player may be traded before next season gets underway. But at the moment, here are the players expected to be in line for the most money next season on each of the NBA's 30 teams:

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One thought on “Highest-Paid Players By Team For 2013/14

  1. Hec4Mets

    Finally the last year of the Arenas deal thankfully can’t wait to see what the Magic do with the cap space.


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