Pistons To Part Ways With Joe Dumars?

Sources tell Mitch Lawrence of the New York Daily News that Joe Dumars' run as team president will soon come to an end, though Lawrence throws a bit of cold water on his own report, noting the deep connection between Dumars and the team and writing that "we'll believe it when we see it." In any case, it appears the Pistons could be headed for a shakeup, with the Daily News scribe echoing earlier reports that the Pistons are likely to let go of coach Lawrence Frank.

The Pistons head into a critical summer, with only about $29MM in commitments for next season and another lottery pick on the way. The last time Detroit had such ample cap space, in 2009, Dumars signed Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva to long-term deals that became albatrosses for the team. The Pistons traded a first-round draft pick to the Bobcats last summer in part to relieve themselves of the final year of Gordon's deal.

Dumars took over the team's front office in 2000 after a Hall-of-Fame playing career spent exclusively with the Pistons. He won Executive of the Year in 2002/03, but followed it up with his most noteworthy error, drafting Darko Milicic second overall in the 2003 draft, ahead of Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and other standouts. Still, the Pistons won the title in 2003/04, and went to the Eastern Conference Finals six seasons in a row before their recent string of playoff misses.

MLive's David Mayo examines the questions facing the franchise, pointing out the arguments both for keeping and getting rid of Dumars and Frank.

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2 thoughts on “Pistons To Part Ways With Joe Dumars?

  1. JaymeeStahrr

    OMG! I hope so! Dumars has ruined the Pistons on a level of team ruining that would make Matt Millen say “Damn!That dude ruined this team!” This guy thought that D-Wade and Carmelo were chumps? Get him outta here!!

  2. roperii107

    Really Dude? I think it’s time for Dumars to go, but ruining a team worst than Millian? I guess I think of ruin as not winning any games for a season and never have a good draft or year as GM. Or ruining as it took the next guy two years to create a team worthy of being apart of the league. Dumars has made mistakes and this season sucked, but I still appreciate the decade of great play an a championship. And of he leaves the next guy actually has young talent and money to make this team great quickly. Lions are still feelin the effects of Millen dude to the lions having to pay all there high pick top dollar because we spent some many years sucking. Dumars time is up but to compare him to Millen and actual say he is worst is crazy.


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