Poll: Did Marcus Smart Make The Right Decision?

In light of Marcus Smart's decision to return to Oklahoma State for his sophomore season, the debate over whether he made the right decision is already underway.  Smart was all but a lock to be drafted top five come June with an outside chance at going No. 1 overall (per ESPN's Chad Ford on Twitter).  This year's NBA Draft is considered weak, especially at the top, and the prevailing thought on next year's draft, albeit 14 months away, is that it will be considerably stronger.  The downside of Smart's decision is clear; he could be costing himself millions of dollars.  Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, who broke the Smart news, adds via Twitter that the overwhelming response of NBA executives on Smart's decision thus far is "shock."

But as Ford tweets, Smart is the type of "different" kid that values winning and college experience.  Maybe Smart is returning to Stillwater because he values the development of his game over the paycheck that will come with his draft slot.  Top five picks, by definition, typically go to the worst teams in the NBA.  Sometimes those are not the best destinations for players who are not ready for the bright lights of the professional ranks.  Who knows?  Maybe Smart's decision will result in a bigger payday or more prosperous career down the road than he ever would have had stuck on a perpetual loser. 

It is a subjective debate for sure… which is why it is important to ask the question.  Did Marcus Smart make the right decision?  Please feel free to elaborate on your answer in the comments section.

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