Poll: Which City Deserves The Kings?

The NBA's Board of Governors is meeting this week to debate the future of the Kings, and though no decision is expected until next month, there's a lot riding on the next couple of days, as the league's owners will debate competing bids from Seattle and Sacramento. It doesn't appear that Sacramento's offer is quite as high as Seattle's, after Chris Hansen and company upped the ante by $25MM last week, though that may not be nearly as important as the speed with which each city can construct a new arena

Hansen's investment group reached an agreement to buy the controlling share of the Kings from the Maloof family in January, so they can argue they were on the sale first. Sacramento can point to the fact that the team's been there since the 1985/86 season, as well as the city's repeated efforts to strike a deal with the Maloofs in the past.

Pundits on both sides of the issue have had their say over the past several months. Now, it's your turn. If you, instead of the NBA's finance and relocation committees, were making a recommendation to the Board of Governors, what would you tell them? Let us know by voting, and feel free to elaborate on your take in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Poll: Which City Deserves The Kings?

  1. Neither city deserves them but if i have to pick id go with sacremento

  2. christopher

    the kings belong in sacramento, period.

    the seattle are deserves a team. not the kings, expansion team maybe.
    hell just add another team to the league. why not make it 2 to balance it out


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