Latest On Raptors, Bryan Colangelo

A report over the weekend suggested that the Raptors were likely to pick up Bryan Colangelo's option for 2013/14, bringing the longtime general manager back for at least one more season. That report indicated that the move could become official as soon as today, but with no formal announcement made yet, rumors continue to swirl about whether or not Colangelo will be retained. Here's the latest on the Raps' front office:

  • One source familiar with MLSE president and CEO Tim Leiweke's thinking told Bruce Arthur of the National Post that he's leaning toward replacing Colangelo, but Leiweke denies that a decision has been made yet. The MLSE board has ceded the decision to Leiweke, Arthur notes.
  • MLSE's next board meeting is schedule for Wednesday, and it was initially expected that there'd be resolution on Colangelo by then, but Michael Grange of Sportsnet says it's possible Leiweke waits a litte longer to make a decision.
  • Leiweke on the timeline, according to Grange: "I’m not going to let the board dictate the timing on this and this is no disrespect to the board. That’s not the right way to do this. I think it’s a matter of whatever time that takes is what it takes, we’re not going to knee jerk. I’m not going to let the board overrule the time and to their credit, they haven’t asked it. They’ve been very patient."
  • If the decision drags out much longer, Colangelo may take action preemptively and tender his resignation, according to Grange, who says that the delay may serve as evidence that Colangelo isn't Leiweke's first choice.
  • Leiweke seemed to acknowledge the possibility of Colangelo resigning, telling Grange, "It wouldn’t shock me that if at the end of the day, if I’m not going to give him a vote of confidence, he moves on."
  • Even if Colangelo doesn't return, the chances of the Raptors hiring Phil Jackson are "remote," says Grange.
  • With the pre-draft camp in Chicago scheduled to happen this week, Doug Smith of the Toronto Star writes that it's time for the Raptors to make a decision, since plenty of groundwork for future transactions could be laid in Chicago, with execs from every team in attendance.
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