Camby Hopes To Play Two More Years, Then Coach

Having agreed to a buyout with the Raptors, Marcus Camby appears to be ticketed for unrestricted free agency by this weekend, but the 39-year-old doesn't intend to end his playing career anytime soon. According to Jared Zwerling of, Camby still hopes to play until 2015, when his previous contract would have ended, and then aims to get into coaching after that.

"He wants to play two more years and then move into coaching," a source told Zwerling. "He would likely start out as an assistant, as many [former players] do, but someday he'd be a great head coach. He has a very high basketball IQ."

Reports are divided on whether or not Camby is officially on waivers yet. Zwerling hears that details of Camby's buyout are still being finalized, even though the team announced yesterday that an agreement had been reached and the big man had been released. Either way, Camby should be on the open market soon, free to sign with any team except the Knicks. The former second overall pick hopes to join a contender, with the Clippers, Heat, Bulls, and Rockets believed to be in play.

"His decision will be fairly quick," the source said. "He's not ruling out the minimum, but if a team shows a bigger commitment, that could make a difference."

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