Pistons Acquire Brandon Jennings From Bucks

WEDNESDAY, 1:08pm: The swap has officially been completed, the Bucks announced today (via Twitter). The Pistons also confirmed the move in a press release.

TUESDAY, 4:39pm: TNT's David Aldridge confirms (via Twitter) that the two sides have reached an agreement. According to Stein (via Twitter), the four players reported so far are expected to be the only pieces involved, so it sounds as if there may not be any picks or cash changing hands.

With the Pistons set to acquire one player in exchange for three, the deal should open up room on the roster to sign second-round pick Peyton Siva, though it's not clear yet if he's in the team's plans for 2013/14.

4:35pm: Viacheslav Kravtsov and Khris Middleton are also headed to the Bucks in the deal, tweets Wojnarowski. Using those two salaries, along with Knight's, the Pistons would be able to offer Jennings a starting salary of $7.72MM, which sounds about right, based on the reported terms. So there may not be any more players involved in the swap.

4:31pm: Knight will be part of the package that the Pistons send to Milwaukee, Wojnarowski confirms (via Twitter).

4:14pm: The Pistons have emerged as a serious candidate to acquire Brandon Jennings from the Bucks in a sign-and-trade, reports ESPN.com's Marc Stein (via Twitter). According to Stein, the two sides are in "advanced talks" about a potential deal. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports confirms Stein's report, tweeting that the Pistons and Bucks are nearing an agreement.

According to Stein (via Twitter), if and when the two teams finalize a sign-and-trade, Jennings' contract with the Pistons will be in the three-year, $25MM+ range, similar to what his former backcourt partner Monta Ellis received from the Mavericks. Wojnarowski (via Twitter) pegs the value of the deal at three years and $24MM.

There had been rumblings earlier in the month that the Pistons had an eye on Jennings, but GM Joe Dumars adamantly denied that he'd had any trade talks with the Bucks. Either that changed in the last two weeks or Dumars was trying to throw rival suitors off the scent. Regardless, it's easy to see why Milwaukee and Detroit would be a match.

At least one report has suggested Jennings wasn't interested in remaining in Milwaukee, and there have been indications that he was considering accepting his one-year qualifying offer in order to hit unrestricted free agency next summer. A sign-and-trade would be a win-win for Jennings and the Bucks, allowing the young point guard to secure a long-term pact with another club, and allowing Milwaukee to pick up at least an asset or two in return.

It's not clear yet who the Pistons would be parting with in the deal, but Brandon Knight seems like a logical candidate. If Knight were to be included, Detroit would have to add more salary to make the deal work, making Charlie Villanueva or Rodney Stuckey potential fits as well.

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12 thoughts on “Pistons Acquire Brandon Jennings From Bucks

  1. Sportsfan99

    Knight would be a decent pick up in return for Jennings. And I think they’d prefer Stuckey over Villy.

  2. Harris K.

    If the Pistons could now make a move to acquire Rondo, offering Stuckey, Caldwell-Pope, and a couple future 1sts, they’d have a real nice young core.

    PG: Rondo
    SG: Jennings
    SF: Josh Smith
    PF: Greg Monroe
    C: Andre Drummond.

    Then they’d have Billups, Will Bynum, Singler, and Tony Mitchell coming off the bench. They’d be a solid bet for the 6 seed in the east with upside and almost all their guys signed long term.

    • alphakira

      Definitely would be a better team than they’ve had in years…but there’s no way Boston does that deal.

      • Harris K.

        They clearly value 1st rounders very highly. In the KG/Pierce trade, They dealt 2 good players and took on 2 awful contracts for a couple of crappy first rounders. Getting a good player in Stuckey, a high upside lottery pick in Caldwell-Pope, and 2 future 1sts would seem to be a deal that they would be interested in. Also, trading Rondo would make their own first round pick more valuable.

        • alphakira

          They got 3 1st round draft picks from the Nets – considering how old they are collectively as a team, those 2016 and 2018 1st round picks may be very high.They also got a young guard in Brooks who I personally think has a highly upside than their other guards aside from Rondo and cleared about 7 million in cap for next year – plus got rid of KGs no trade clause contract. I think you’re underestimating what they received and vastly overestimating what was left in KG/Pierce.

        • alphakira

          And for what it’s worth, there were reports earlier in FA that the Knicks would give up Shumpert, Felton and Chandler for Rondo…not something I’d want them to do, but I’d consider that a better return for Boston than what Detroit could give up.

    • Flharfh

      Jennings is 6’1 170, he is bad defensively against PGs as it is and he would get destroyed trying to guard SGs.

      • Harris K.

        Every other guy in that lineup plays bigger than their position however, so I don’t think it’d be too big a problem. Case and point, last year the Knicks started both Raymond Felton and Pablo Prigioni, and went something like 13-0 with that lineup. Most of the year the Knicks started 2 PG’s in the back-court, and they won 54 games.

        • alphakira

          Very valid point. And you can say the same when they had Kidd in there alongside Felton as well.

    • disqus_WSzVgbawEL

      Watching Brandon over the years in Wisco, he would get destroyed against guards. The guy is to short and lazy on defense. He is very quick, however, the passion isn’t there and its not just going to turn on with a new team. He is who he is. But, saying that he can play shooting guard with poor defense and not to mention he will shoot the pistons out of so many games. The guy takes a million shots a game and only averages what 17?

  3. pistons are making some noise they will have a solid team next season. i wonder if the piston are thinking of using smith at SF since they have already 2 solid young big man

  4. FlaveFlava

    Man, Detroit spent a lot of money this off-season do be a perennial 6/7th seed.

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