How Teams Have Used Their Mid-Level Exceptions

As we explain in the Hoops Rumors Glossary, there are essentially three different types of mid-level exceptions for NBA teams to use. These MLEs allow clubs to sign one or more players to contracts without having to use cap space.

The traditional MLE is for over-the-cap teams, and allows for signings of up to four years. For 2013/14, it starts at $5.15MM. For teams who are over the cap but also into luxury-tax territory, the mid-level can only be used for contracts of up to three years, starting at $3.183MM. Finally, for teams that have used cap space, there's not technically a mid-level exception available, but the so-called "room exception" acts as an MLE of sorts. After a team uses its cap space, the room exception can be used to sign players for up to two years, with a starting salary of $2.652MM.

Listed below are the statuses of all 30 mid-level exceptions at this point this year. Teams can continue using their remaining exception money throughout the regular season, though the values begin to pro-rate as of January 10th. We'll be running an accompanying post later this afternoon with some observations, analysis, and explanations for a few of these specific teams' situations. In the meantime, here's the complete list:

Room exception:

  • Atlanta Hawks: $2,652,000 remaining.
  • Charlotte Bobcats: Used. Signed Josh McRoberts ($2,652,000).
  • Cleveland Cavaliers: $2,652,000 remaining.
  • Dallas Mavericks: Used. Signed Wayne Ellington ($2,652,000).
  • Detroit Pistons: $2,652,000 remaining.
  • Houston Rockets: $2,652,000 remaining.
  • Milwaukee Bucks: $2,652,000 remaining, plus cap space.
  • New Orleans Pelicans: $2,652,000 remaining.
  • Phoenix Suns: $2,652,000 remaining.
  • Portland Trail Blazers: Used. Signed Mo Williams ($2,652,000).
  • Sacramento Kings: $2,652,000 remaining.
  • Utah Jazz: $2,652,000 remaining, plus cap space.

Full mid-level:

  • Boston Celtics: $2,659,820 remaining. Signed Vitor Faverani ($2,000,000) and Phil Pressey ($490,180).
  • Denver Nuggets: Used. Signed J.J. Hickson ($5,150,000).
  • Golden State Warriors: $50,000 remaining. Signed Marreese Speights ($3,500,000) and Toney Douglas ($1,600,000).
  • Indiana Pacers: $2,150,000 remaining. Signed Chris Copeland ($3,000,000).
  • Los Angeles Clippers: Used. Signed Matt Barnes ($3,250,000) and Darren Collison ($1,900,000).
  • Memphis Grizzlies: $4,615,000 remaining. Signed Jamaal Franklin ($535,000).
  • Minnesota Timberwolves: $650,000 remaining. Signed Corey Brewer ($4,500,000).
  • Oklahoma City Thunder: $5,150,000 remaining.
  • Orlando Magic: $2,650,000 remaining. Signed Jason Maxiell ($2,500,000).
  • Philadelphia 76ers: $5,150,000 remaining.
  • San Antonio Spurs: $650,000 remaining. Signed Marco Belinelli ($2,750,000) and Jeff Pendergraph ($1,750,000).
  • Toronto Raptors: Used. Signed Tyler Hansbrough ($3,183,000), D.J. Augustin ($1,267,000) and Dwight Buycks ($700,000).
  • Washington Wizards: Used. Signed Martell Webster ($5,150,000).

Taxpayer mid-level:

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