Hoops Rumors Originals

Here's a rundown of the original content produced by the Hoops Rumors staff this week..

  • Luke Adams examined the 76ers and the salary cap.
  • Chuck Myron gave us a rundown of the league's discarded trade acquisitions.
  • Here's Hoops Rumors' up-to-date rundown of the 2015/16 free agent class.
  • Chuck Myron found that Italy leads the world in deals for ex-NBA players.
  • Most of you see Paul George signing a five-year max extension with the Pacers.  
  • The overwhelming majority of you also feel that George will be the first extension candidate to ink a new deal.
  • Oh, and George is more deserving of an extension that John Wall, according to Friday's poll.  If you all love Paul George so much, why don't you marry him?
  • Lou Amundson is still seeking an NBA gig, but Chuck suggests that the best thing for him might be to find a deal with an NBA out clause or a deal in China, where the season ends early.
  • Luke looked at the teams that have 15 or more guaranteed contracts.
  • Daniel Gibson is still out there for a team to sign and Chuck wonders if the Hawks might be a landing spot for him.
  • Using the Hoops Rumors Agency Database, Chuck listed the highest paid client of each agency.
  • There's not much in the way of contract incentives for many players this season.
  • The Nets, Knicks, and Bulls have the most $10MM salaries, according to Chuck.
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