Each Agency’s Highest-Paid Client

An NBA agency is only as valuable as the players it represents, and every agency has one client who's more valuable than the rest. In some cases, value isn't derived directly from money. Amare Stoudemire may be the highest-paid client on the Relativity Sports roster, but that doesn't mean he's more important to the agency than Dwight Howard is. Still, even an overpaid player can be a jewel for an agency as an example of the power of negotiation. 

Using the Hoops Rumors Agency Database and ShamSports, I've found the player with the highest 2013/14 salary for each agency with at least three NBA clients. I've listed the current agency for each player, so, as with LeBron James and the Klutch Sports Group, the agency that negotiated the deal might not be represented. LeBron is nonetheless Klutch's marquee client.

This list goes by this season's base salary, not the total value of the deal, and it's organized alphabetically by agency:

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