Suns, Wizards Lead NBA With 7 Rookie-Scale Deals

The Lakers have glitz, glamour and 16 NBA titles. Still, they're the only team in the league without a player on a rookie-scale contract.

Every other club has at least one generally team-friendly rookie-scale deal on its books. The Suns boast seven such deals, nearly half of the 16 guaranteed contracts on their roster, and it makes sense, given the team's commitment to youth this season. The Wizards also have seven rookie-scale contracts, but they have playoff aspirations this season. One of their rookie-scale guys, John Wall, will be getting a hefty raise soon, since he agreed to a maximum-salary extension earlier this summer. For now, though, he's still a bargain, as is Larry Sanders of the Bucks, who also has signed an extension during the season.

Teams aren't so lucky with every rookie-scale contract. The Celtics gave up Fab Melo via trade with the Grizzlies, and Memphis turned around and waived last year's 22nd overall pick. His deal will still be on the team's books, though we don't list it below.

The Sixers are in the middle of the pack with four rookie deals, but they should be climbing the chart soon, since they have a pair of unsigned 2013 draft picks in Nerlens Noel and Michael Carter-Williams. The Spurs haven't signed 28th overall pick Livio Jean-Charles, but he seems likely to play overseas this season, so San Antonio will probably stay with two rookie-scale contracts this year.

Here's the complete list, with the year the contract expires in parentheses:

Phoenix Suns (7)

Washington Wizards (7)

Utah Jazz (6)

Cleveland Cavaliers (5)

Sacramento Kings (5)

Boston Celtics (5)

Milwaukee Bucks (5)

Oklahoma City Thunder (5)

Orlando Magic (5)

Charlotte Bobcats (4)

Golden State Warriors (4)

Minnesota Timberwolves (4)

Philadelphia 76ers (4) #

Portland Trail Blazers (4)

Atlanta Hawks (3)

Denver Nuggets (3)

Detroit Pistons (3)

Chicago Bulls (3)

Houston Rockets (2)

Indiana Pacers (2)

Memphis Grizzlies (2)

New Orleans Pelicans (2)

New York Knicks (2)

San Antonio Spurs (2) #

Toronto Raptors (2)

Brooklyn Nets (1)

  • Mason Plumlee (2017)

Dallas Mavericks (1)

  • Shane Larkin (2017)

Los Angeles Clippers (1)

  • Reggie Bullock (2017)

Miami Heat (1)

Los Angeles Lakers (0)

*—Player has received rookie-scale extension
#—Team has unsigned 2013 first-round pick 

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