Warriors Agree To Sign DeWayne Dedmon

The Warriors have reached an agreement with undrafted rookie DeWayne Dedmon, reports Sam Amick of USA Today (via Twitter). According to Amick, Dedmon will receive a partial guarantee on his deal with Golden State.

Dedmon, a 7'0" center, declared his intent for the draft this past spring, but wasn't one of the 60 players selected in June. After averaging 6.7 PPG and 7.0 RPG in his final year at USC, Dedmon ranked 74th among Chad Ford's list of 2013 prospects at ESPN.com. The 24-year-old worked out for a handful of teams in the weeks leading up to the draft, including the Trail Blazers, Suns, Lakers, Grizzlies, and Bucks.

The Warriors currently have 12 guaranteed contracts on their books, plus Seth Curry's non-guaranteed camp invite. Throw in partial guarantees for Dedmon and Kent Bazemore, and the club has 15 players lined up for camp, likely with more to come. Depending on how much money the team guarantees Dedmon, that commitment could give him the upper hand on earning a regular-season roster spot.

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6 thoughts on “Warriors Agree To Sign DeWayne Dedmon

  1. jones

    Don’t forget Ognjen Kuzmic.

    I wish the Dubs would have sined Drew Gooden though.

  2. ssclesq

    He and ezili seriously need to go to ojalwons low post clinic. No one has played like him since, 6 10 and ate up Shaquille ! Go warriors!

  3. afannaz

    why would they partially guarantee $$$ to dedmon and not seth curry? after being on the team for a year, bazemore has the same type partial guaranteed deal that dedmon has? there’s a whole lot about this stuff that makes no sense to me. also, another C when they don’t even know what’s happening with kuzmic. and what about nedovic in the race for the G position? how can they continue to sign people when they’re supposedly at the cap. so i guess basically a few of these guys are just possibles to make the final 15. i’ve been wondering the same thing about all the guys, one after another, the rockets keep signing. they’ve been “seriously interested in” just about every good player out there.

    • HoopsRumors

      There are a few factors to consider here:

      1. Not all partial guarantees are created equally. For instance, of those Rockets players, Reggie Williams has 50% of his minimum-salary contract guaranteed, which works out to about $474K. B.J. Young, meanwhile, only has a guaranteed of about $40K on his deal. They’re both considered “partially guaranteed” but Houston is far more invested in Williams than Young. If the team decides Young isn’t going to make the team, $40K is a fairly minuscule hit to take, relatively speaking.

      2. The way the Warriors and other teams continue to sign guys even when they’re over the cap generally involves using minimum-salary contracts. There’s no limit to how many players a team can sign to minimum deals, and that’s the one option that’s ALWAYS available to a team. Even the Nets, as far into the luxury tax as they are, could still sign a few more guys to minimum contracts.

      3. Teams can sign up to 20 players in the offseason, even though regular-season rosters are maxed out at 15. So most teams will bring non-guaranteed or partially-guaranteed guys to camp not just to get a look at them, but also to secure their D-League rights (teams are allowed to retain D-League rights for up to 3 players they bring to camp and then cut). That’s another reason why a team might give a partial guarantee to a guy who want make the team. Let’s say the Warriors like DeWayne Dedmon — even though they don’t expect he’ll make the 15-man roster, they want to keep him around to work with their coaches. So their goal is to bring him to camp, then have him join the Santa Cruz Warriors after they cut him from the Golden State Warriors. From Dedmon’s perspective though, maybe a team overseas is offering more than the paltry salary he’d earn in the D-League. In that case, maybe a $50K from the Warriors (for instance) would be enough to convince him to come to camp with Golden State and then play in the D-League, rather than signing in Europe.

      — Luke

      • afannaz

        wow, i’m impressed. thank you for the unexpected surprise response. really helpful in answering some of those questions i could speculate about all day long. it’s these type questions with the detailed answers that i’ve not known where to have answered. are there nba publications that a lay person can obtain for quick reference?

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