Zwerling On Amar’e, Wallace, Humphries

Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report recaps many of the rumors we’ve heard about the Knicks and Celtics in recent days, and adds plenty more in his latest piece. Let’s dive in.

  • Zwerling presents a somewhat different version of an earlier trade rumor, which suggested that the Celtics would take on Amar’e Stoudemire if the Knicks would take back Gerald Wallace and Courtney Lee. Zwerling reports that the teams had talks about such a swap over the summer, and that Iman Shumpert was also part of the package. In the latest version of the proposal, Kris Humphries replaces Lee, while Shumpert is not involved.
  • The Celtics like the idea of Avery Bradley as their shooting guard going forward, and envision the soon-to-be restricted free agent as a $6MM-a-year player. Bradley’s development is why Shumpert is no longer a part of their talks with the Knicks. The Celtics don’t plan to be competitive in 2014/15, fueling their willingness to take on Stoudemire.
  • The Celtics are “desperate” to trade Wallace, Zwerling hears.
  • The Knicks continue to have interest in Humphries after having eyed him in the summer. They would have signed him if the Celtics had bought him out, but Boston wasn’t sure how rookie Vitor Faverani would perform and wanted to keep Humphries as insurance. Humphries maintains his interest in the Knicks as well, and he’s also keen on the Rockets as an option.
  • Miles Plumlee of the Suns is another young center the Knicks might like, but not if it means parting with Shumpert, Zwerling writes.
  • Zwerling points to a clause in Kenyon Martin‘s contract with the Knicks, revealed earlier this month by Mark Deeks of ShamSports, that nullifies his guarantee if he misses 15 games because of arthritis, repair to his patellar tendon, or progressive loss of articular cartilage.
  • The Knicks‘ medical staff has OK’d Stoudemire for up to 20 minutes per game, about twice as many as he’s seeing.
  • The Knicks are concerned about a lack of vocal leadership that can serve as a check on Carmelo Anthony‘s power among his teammates.
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5 thoughts on “Zwerling On Amar’e, Wallace, Humphries

  1. Could the Celtics potentially amnesty Amar’e, considering he was signed before the lockou? Or does acquiring a player via trade nullify that? If they could, it would be highway robbery for the C’s.

    • HoopsRumors

      Players traded after the lockout can’t be amnestied. Unfortunately for the Celtics, the only amnesty-eligible player left on their roster is Rondo, so it doesn’t look like they’ll get to use it.

      — Luke

  2. Thought so. I’d still go for this if I were Ainge. 2 years of terrible contract is better than 3. Not to mention Stat’s mega-expiring deal could be a solid asset next year.


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