D’Alessandro Q&A: Trades, Iguodala, Rebuilding

Kings GM Pete D’Alessandro participated in a live Q&A session with fans and touched on a number of subjects, ranging from the team’s short term trade plans to D’Alessandro’s assessment of Sacramento’s rebuilding process. You can check out the full transcript over at NBA.com, but here are a few highlights from the conversation:

On whether or not the Kings will make any more trades:

Wow, hard-hitting questions here… Obviously as a GM I will always try to be candid with fans about the things we are doing. I can say this, we will continue to be aggressive to get this thing going in the right direction. The fans of Sacramento deserve a competitive team.

On the failed attempt to lure Andre Iguodala to Sacramento this offseason:

We took an aggressive approach this summer to acquire high-level talent, and we will continue to do so in our quest to build a championship team.

On the Kings’ desire to become a contender:

We’re going to do everything we can to get there as quickly as we can. We won’t put a timetable on it but we won’t be satisfied until we get there.

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One thought on “D’Alessandro Q&A: Trades, Iguodala, Rebuilding

  1. $74699134

    Can you get BB players that know the basics of the game? No more D-leaguers, please and thank you, sir. I know the Maloof’s created this mess and I can’t wait to see what you can do, Pete. Cousins is the only player on the Kings that belongs in the NBA, the rest are AAU players and a couple of D-league potentials that may make it in the NBA, it’s truly sad. :(


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