Suns Willing To Trade 2014 Picks For Star

The unexpected success the Suns have enjoyed this year has prompted them to let other front offices know they’re willing to give up one or more of their four potential 2014 first-round picks in return for a star who can help them win now, reports Scott Howard-Cooper of The team might not wait until the deadline to do a deal, GM Ryan McDonough tells Howard-Cooper (Twitter link). Phoenix is 12-9 and tied in the loss column with the Clippers for first place in the Pacific Division.

“I think one of the things that’s important for people to realize is that we may not draft four players even if we have four picks,” McDonough said. “Our preference would probably be to maybe package a few of them. We’re obviously all looking for stars and we feel like we can put together a package as good, if not better, than any other team in the league if and when a star becomes available. That’s kind of generally what we’ve wanted to do, not only with our draft-pick situation but also with the cap space that we’ve acquired.”

The Suns could receive first-round picks from the Timberwolves, Wizards and Pacers for 2014, depending on where those selections wind up in the order. Phoenix is currently in line for all but Minnesota’s pick, as our Reverse Standings show. Still, that would leave the Suns without a lottery pick, and Phoenix’s own selection would be at No. 22.

Phoenix also has a 2015 first-rounder from the Lakers, and any of the first-round picks that other teams owe the Suns for 2014 would roll over to 2015 if they’re not conveyed this coming spring.

The Suns would almost certainly want attach protection to their own 2014 pick if they were to trade it, Howard-Cooper writes, with the level of star they’d be able to acquire in a swap determining the sort of protection the pick would carry.

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