Knicks Maintain Interest In Rajon Rondo

The Knicks have the strongest interest among teams eyeing Rajon Rondo as the trade deadline draws near, a source tells Lang Greene of Basketball Insiders. Still, the Celtics don’t believe the Knicks have any assets worth acquiring in a such a deal, and while they haven’t guaranteed Rondo that they won’t trade him, they’ve made it clear it would take a substantial offer for them to move the All-Star point guard. That’s in line with GM Danny Ainge‘s insistence that Rondo isn’t on the block. A report a month ago indicated the Knicks hoped to convince Ainge to deal Rondo to them sometime between now and the summer of 2015, when the point guard’s contract expires.

Ainge claims he’s spoken to just a single team about trading Rondo, but he says the conversation didn’t get far. The high school coach for both Rondo and Carmelo Anthony has said that ‘Melo is attempting to recruit the point guard to New York, but both players have denied any such talk. Rondo and the Celtics have engaged in discussion about an extension, and Rondo has said he can envision remaining with Boston for the rest of his career.

The Suns, Rockets and Mavericks have also been linked to Rondo of late, but it seems like the chances of Boston trading the point guard before the deadline are slim at best.

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7 thoughts on “Knicks Maintain Interest In Rajon Rondo

  1. oremlk

    The only way the Knicks could get Rondo would be in a 3-way trade with Melo going to a third team. And that doesn’t make sense for anybody.

    So yeah… the Knicks aren’t landing Rondo.


      No, they could actually afford to do a trade where they wouldnt even need to involve Melo or Tyson/. All they’d have to do is add Hardaway and Shump, 2017 1st round pick and take those awful contracts off the celtics hands. But then theyd be over the cap so idk if that works either

      • Joseph Jefferson

        There is no Knick 2017 1st round draft pick. There is however, a 2018 1st round pick.


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