Adam Silver Officially Becomes Commissioner

Adam Silver has officially assumed the role of NBA commissioner, replacing David Stern, who steps down 30 years to the day after he inherited the position from Larry O’Brien. The move was first announced in October 2012, giving Silver ample time to transition from his post as deputy commissioner, which he’s held since 2006. That job now goes to Mark Tatum, who had been serving as the NBA’s vice president of global marketing partnerships.

Stern, 71, oversaw a period of remarkable growth, inheriting the NBA just as Larry Bird and Magic Johnson were entering their primes and a few months before Michael Jordan would enter the league. The game has continued to grow since their retirements, despite a pair of lockouts and four franchise relocations. The league’s annual revenue has risen from $165MM to $5.5 billion during Stern’s tenure, while the average player salary has gone from $290K to an estimated $5.565MM. He served longer than any other commissioner in the history of the NBA, National Football League and Major League Baseball.

Silver joined the NBA in 1992 and held numerous executive roles within the league until his appointment as deputy commissioner. There’s widespread uncertainty about just how Silver will govern, as Ken Berger of notes, but his track record suggests he’ll focus on the business and marketing side of the game in an attempt to continue revenue growth. Silver was involved in negotiations with the players union during the 2011 lockout, and the next battle on that front will likely come after the 2016/17 season, when the NBA and the union both possess options to terminate the current collective bargaining agreement.

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3 thoughts on “Adam Silver Officially Becomes Commissioner

  1. Z....

    Congratulations to David Stern on 30 years as Commissioner of the NBA. Hard to say anything that hasnt already been said. He oversaw a HUGE change to the image of the game, and the financial gains that occurred during his tenure are astronomical. The game is now being played around the world, with multiple different leagues for players to go and hone their skills in hopes of eventually getting to the NBA. There are more teams, including the Miami Heat, and I am grateful for that. So much talent currently in the league, and that will continue over the next several years and beyond. He is easily the best commissioner in the history of sports, and I’ve said that for many years. His last few have seen some questionable situations, but that doesnt take away from everything else. I’m going to miss him calling the names in the NBA draft, as that was always entertaining, and it was always great to hear an interview with David Stern. He’ll be missed. For the first time in my lifetime, there will be basketballs without his name on it. Now its time for Adam Silver to help take the NBA to the next step. Its been said for years that he will make a great commissioner, and I just hope he can live up to his predecessor…

  2. pmiller1129

    As long as Silver corrects Sterns greatest mistake by giving Seattle a team back then all will be smooth.

    • Z....

      I’ve said it before…I dont know how I could accept any other team. I would probably always hold a grudge for moving Durant and that franchise away. Nothing they do will ever be able to change the fact that a new team isnt the team they were robbed of

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