Celtics GM Ainge Talks Trade Deadline

Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge is staying in Boston during the All-Star festivities to work through the final week of Thursday’s trade deadline, along with many of his colleagues. He told Steve Bulpett of The Boston Herald how the final days could shape up for the Celtics and the rest of the league. The whole interview is worth a read, and here are some of the highlights:

On what kind of deal the Celtics are looking for:

“We would do a deal to make our team better and use assets to get better right away. And we would also move veteran players to create flexibility and get draft picks. So we could go either way right now. But right now I think it’s a feeling-out process. I’m not talking about getting three wins better. I’m talking about being able to be significantly better next year.”

On the current landscape of buyers and sellers across the league:

“I don’t have a trading partner as of this moment. Right now there’s just a lot of people trying to feel out what everybody’s trying to accomplish. A lot of it is teams wanting to find out where everybody is in case there’s a chance to do a three- or four-team, multiple-team deal, in case there isn’t something that will work with just two teams. But I think everybody’s still trying to figure out what are the goals of each team going forward. And some teams don’t have as clear goals as other teams have.”

On the continued rumors of Rajon Rondo‘s availability, despite the team’s insistence to the contrary:

“I honestly haven’t paid that much attention to it. I’ve been asked those questions before, but I don’t know anything about those rumors. It’s all a little crazy.”

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