Rockets Interested In Rajon Rondo

3:23pm: The teams have yet to speak about any Rondo deal, tweets Sam Amick of USA Today.

2:25pm: The Rockets have “absolute interest” in trading for Rajon Rondo, tweets Marc Stein of That alone doesn’t make a deal happen, Stein cautions, but he notes that talks could easily strike up between Rockets GM Daryl Morey and his former boss, Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge (Twitter link). The Rockets were also linked to Rondo last month.

The asking price for Rondo is astronomical, as the team appears to be looking for a pair of unprotected first-round picks virtually guaranteed to come near the top of the order. A source tells Stein that Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck is behind the team’s lofty demands, as the ESPN scribe noted in a piece earlier today.

The Celtics would insist on acquiring Chandler Parsons, but Houston doesn’t appear willing to give him up, Stein tweets. Still, the Rockets are making renewed attempts at trading Omer Asik, and Boston was involved in rumors when Morey made efforts to unload his backup center in December. The notion of Asik getting involved in any Rondo talks is just my speculation, however.

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24 thoughts on “Rockets Interested In Rajon Rondo

  1. Aaron Sanford

    Well Wyc Grousbeck has his head directly up his hind quarters! It would be Parsons for Rondo, Bass plus every draft pick the Celtics have if he wants our glue! Suck it Wyc!

  2. Aaron Sanford

    Parsons goes and Harden and Howard will be miserable! No way he goes anywhere for any reason!

  3. dmhiggins

    This is just nonsense…the price the Celtics want is justifiable and no one is going to give it to them…and they are not going to give him away….

  4. Here_is_the_truth

    Let’s be real. Mchale doesn’t know how to play his PG. Just ask Marbury, K Lowry, Dragic, and now Lin.

  5. Mo Vaughn

    How about Asik, Beverley, and Brooks and a first for Rondo? fair? Just thinking of different trades.

      • Mo Vaughn

        The Celtics had no choice in the Kings deal, the Kings backed out because Rondo wouldn’t sign an extension after 2015.

    • Joseph Siniscalchi

      Nope, not a chance. Boston wants two 1st rd picks, which is why I included Phoenix. Only other team besides Pheonix that has picks that Boston would want is Charlotte

  6. Joseph Siniscalchi

    Only way I would trade Rondo if I were the Celtics (see below):

    link to

    Houston Rockets get: Rajon Rondo
    Phoenix Suns gets: Jeff Green and Omir Asik
    Boston Celtics get: Emeka Okafor + some form of three 1st round picks from the Suns (the Suns have three 2014 1st round picks and one 2015 1st round pick)

    • mmiller54

      why would the Suns give up three first round picks for Asik and Green as well as giving up an expiring contract? That’s a hefty price to pay for players that are definitely not superstars.

      • Joseph Siniscalchi

        Since when does every 1st round pick turn into a superstar? I think you might be overvaluing draft picks. Asik and Green are both worth 1st rd picks. Maybe Houston could throw in another player/a pick and phoenix gives boston two 1st rounders instead of three…

    • Mo Vaughn

      What about this…

      link to

      Houston Receives: Rajon Rondo

      Phoenix Receives: Jeff Green, Brandon Bass

      Boston Receives: Omer Asik, Patrick Beverley, Aaron Brooks, Gerald Green, Emeka Okafor, and a first from both teams

  7. To the Celtics: Asik, Parsons, JR Smith, Shump (draft pick(s) from Rockets)

    To the Rockets: Bass and Rondo

    To the Knicks: Lin

    Thoughts? Works in the trade machine

    • 123Redsox

      The knicks give up shumpert, and J.R. and gain Lin? I dont think they would. Even do shumpert for lin strait up.
      The Rockets would no way give up Parsons and picks and get rondo and bass

  8. Jake13

    Rondo isn’t even a good fit on the team. Harden is the primary ball handler, taking the ball out of his hands will limit his effectiveness.

  9. georgeagpoon

    Do we really think Morey and company are this dumb? Rajon is a 10p/7a player. He was great player, with the emphasis on WAS. Also, Morey LOVES Parsons. He’s not going anywhere. Rockets need a forward with an all-around game who can shoot and play d, not another PG. The PGs in Houston are the glue to that team and are instrumental to the team chemistry. No way Morey is going to mess with that.

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