Granger On Free Agency, Rivers, Clippers

The Clippers recently signed Danny Granger for the remainder of the season after he had been reached a buyout agreement with the Sixers. Granger had been acquired by the team in the trade that sent Evan Turner to the Pacers. Granger had his introductory press conference prior to this evening’s game against the Pelicans, and Brandon Ehrlich of transcribed the entire conference. Here are some of the highlights:

What made you choose here with the Clippers?

Number one, I’ve always liked the style that Doc [Rivers] coaches. I’m not saying I don’t like Pop [Gregg Popovich]’s style or Spo [Erik Spoelstra]’s style. I just think [with] this team, I can have the biggest impact, and feel like they’ve got a role.

How do you think that you help the Clippers?

If you look at the way they play…they get the ball up fast, they space the court, they shoot a lot of threes, that’s the optimal type of system. That’s the type of system that I would probably thrive in. That’s the system I have thrived in, in the past. And believe it or not, playing that way… I think all of the players want to play that way. Everybody gets their shots, no one’s upset about this or that. It’s just, you play, you have fun, and you win.”

Since you live in LA, and I know that [you have] an expiring contract, would you be open to signing a contract to play in LA?

Definitely. I’ve always loved LA. Like I said, this city… I’m so familiar with it. It would be a dream to play here, honestly.

What do you tell the doubters out there who say, “Hey, Danny Granger hasn’t been the same in two years”?

I haven’t played in two years. I don’t let it bother me. This year, early in Indiana, I was coming back. I had hurt my calf. I had to lay it off for a year. It doesn’t bother me. I know I’m getting healthy, and I’m really healthy right now. And I know what I’m capable of. I’ve never been the one to even read the media. Even when I would have a great game, I didn’t read. When I had a bad game I didn’t read. You know, it just keeps you more even-keeled.”

Danny, having been a starter, do you feel like that would be your best role on the team, or can you adapt if Doc says you’re more effective off of the bench? Or do you think you’re a starter?

Well, I’ve always been a starter in my career. But, to [make a] point on that now, coming to a new team, we have 25-26 games [remaining in the regular season]. Whatever role Doc sees fit for me is the one that I will do. I’m not one of those players that says, ‘I have to do this, or I have to do that.’ I just want to play, have fun, shoot some threes, throw some lobs, and go celebrate.

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