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Reader Rodrigues_Islander joins Warriors players in coming to the defense of coach Mark Jackson, who’s been at the center of controversy of late, perhaps thanks in part to the team’s expectation that it should be contending for the Western Conference title.

  • The Warriors have NOT underachieved this year. Of the teams that are ahead of them, with the possible exception of Portland, who are they better than? None. San Antonio, OKC, the Clippers, or the Rockets? Nope. It’s very likely the first-round opponent will be Houston or the Clippers: a probable first-round exit. Mark Jackson has done well. Why we’re in a hurry to dump him is beyond me.

We ask readers a nightly question on the Hoops Rumors Facebook page, and Zachary Padulsky offered his thoughts on the idea that Julius Randle has played himself into consideration to become one of the top two picks.

  • No, however, I still see him as being more NBA-ready than a lot of the prospects. He does need to work on finishing with his right hand, but he is also still a physical beast. I’m a big fan of his game, and that has not wavered since the first night of the college season.

Chris Kaman once more vented his frustration with the Lakers, and Austin thinks the soon-to-be free agent center should look in the mirror.

  • So … Kaman does not get a long with [Rick] Carlisle in Dallas … and does not get along with [Mike] D’Antoni in L.A … Ever think you might be the problem, Chris?

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