Blazers Offer Max Extension To Aldridge

The Blazers have offered LaMarcus Aldridge a maximum-salary extension, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. It’s unlikely that he’ll sign it, since he can make more money on a new deal in free agency next year, but Portland is set on signing him one way or another, even if it takes the max to do so.

Blazers owner Paul Allen and GM Neil Olshey met with agents Thad Foucher and Arn Tellem last week to make the offer, according to Wojnarowski. Aldridge has expressed his strong desire to remain in Portland both in public and private amid “significant momentum” toward a long-term commitment to stay, and the meeting fostered further warmth from Aldridge’s camp, Wojnarowski writes.

Aldridge can sign an extension starting in July that could tack an additional three years onto his deal, but the starting salary in the extension would be only 107.5% of his $16,006,000 pay for 2014/15. He could make a significantly higher starting salary on a new deal that could run as long as five years if he waits until free agency.

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