Schedule Of Contract Guarantee Dates

In April, we listed the dates prior to July 1st on which the contracts of certain players will become guaranteed. Today, with the help of ShamSports’ contract database and the Basketball Insiders salary pages, we’ll go one step further, creating a timeline of guarantee dates for everyone who currently has a non-guaranteed deal for 2014/15.

Using the following list, we can track various cap commitments as they arise starting now and continuing until next January. Unless otherwise indicated, these players are on minimum-salary contracts. Their contracts will become guaranteed for the given amounts if they’re not waived on or before the dates indicated.

For instance, in the first example on the list, Andre Miller‘s contract with the Wizards is currently guaranteed for $2MM. If he’s not waived on or before Saturday, it becomes fully guaranteed for $4.625MM. If Washington releases him by that deadline, the team would still pay the $2MM he’s already owed, but it would save the other $2.625MM.

Players listed multiple times will have their guarantee amounts increased the longer they remain on a roster. For example, Erik Murphy will earn $100K if he remains on his contract beyond August 1st. That amount will increase to $200K if he’s still under contract past opening day. Murphy’s contract would eventually become fully guaranteed if he’s still hasn’t been cut by the leaguewide contract guarantee date.

The only caveat to these dates is that the players will earn the relevant salary guarantees listed below if a team claims them on waivers. So, if Murphy is waived August 1st and another team claims him on August 3rd, he still pockets the $100K.

Here’s the complete list:

(Updated 10-30-14 at 8:50am)



Players with no specific guarantee date written into their contracts will have their deals for 2014/15 fully guaranteed if they’re not waived on or before January 7th, 2015. Here are those players, in alphabetical order:

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