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The Knicks are willing to reconsider their stance against absorbing Carlos Boozer in a sign-and-trade from the Bulls involving Carmelo Anthony, perhaps following the same logic that reader Resneps2340 laid out.

  • The Knicks shouldn’t dismiss such a trade right off the bat. Yes, Boozer is not worth $16.8MM if the only other thing you are including is picks. The Bulls aren’t trading Taj [Gibson] either since he was in the Carmelo meeting today and I’m sure him being on the team was part of the sales pitch. If the Knicks took Boozer, I think the Bulls would be willing to give up a couple of picks, the rights to Nikola Mirotic (one of the best young players in Europe who is likely to come over this year), and as much as I hate to say it, Jimmy Butler. I think the Bulls are beyond desperate to get ‘Melo and frankly, the Knicks may not be able to do better that that in a sign-and-trade.

Reaction was swiftly negative when the Magic struck a two-year, $9MM deal with Ben Gordon, and jeremy summed up just why he thinks Orlando will regret the agreement.

  • It doesn’t matter how much cap room you have; a bad deal can still be a bad deal. This dude hasn’t been the same player since he left the Bulls. His stat line is nothing that makes him worth $9MM. He’s still a decent player, but I’m not sure he’s worth $9MM.

Eddie Scarito of Hoops Rumors only handed out one A in our Northwest Division Draft Grades, but it seems like Sky14 might have given out more.

  • I really like what some of the teams in this division did on draft day, especially the Jazz and the Nuggets. The Wolves draft is hard to gauge because it seems like it has an equal chance of being very good or producing absolutely nothing. Based on his first two drafts, Flip Saunders clearly favors upside.

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