Pistons, Pelicans Talk Monroe, Anderson Swap

The Pistons and Pelicans have discussed a sign-and-trade that would send Greg Monroe to his hometown of New Orleans in exchange for Ryan Anderson, reports Gery Woelfel of The Journal Times (Twitter link). An earlier report indicated that the Pelicans had inquired about the possibility of a sign-and-trade deal involving Monroe, but it wasn’t clear if the Pistons were receptive.

There’s reportedly a “high possibility” the Pistons will swing a sign-and-trade involving Monroe, a restricted free agent, if he receives a max offer sheet from another team, and the Hawks, Magic and Blazers have all shown interest since free agency began overnight. The Lakers are also expected to have interest and the Cavs are apparently mulling a run as well at the fifth-ranked player in the Hoops Rumors Free Agent Power Rankings.

Pistons coach/executive Stan Van Gundy said recently that he’s spent the majority of his time since joining the team this spring on Monroe’s impending free agency and has been in consistent contact with Monroe’s agent, David Falk. Anderson played just 22 games this past season and underwent neck surgery after a frightening on-court injury, but he’s been one the league’s quintessential stretch power forwards in recent seasons and would seemingly be a better fit with the shooting-deficient Pistons than Monroe is. Still, Monroe, 24, is one of the league’s best up-and-coming big men.

Anderson is set to make slightly less than $8.5MM next season, so taking back Monroe by himself would represent an uneven swap for New Orleans. The Pelicans have limited cap flexibility that’s in line to be swallowed up by their acquisition of Omer Asik, and they’ll have to clear more room just to make the Asik deal work. I’d expect other players to be heading the Pistons’ way should an Anderson-Monroe trade happen.

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9 thoughts on “Pistons, Pelicans Talk Monroe, Anderson Swap

  1. Resneps2340

    Why would the Pellies want Monroe when they just traded a first rounder for Asik and have one of the best young PFs in the league in Anthony Davis? Seems like a log jam situation.

  2. is monroe really worth a max deal? this might be another case where some team over pay to get a big. just like how the clippers over paid for DJ

  3. omar jimenez

    Terrible trade. Anderson provides mismatches. You have gus down low and Anderson spreads the floor

  4. Wallace Ordoyne

    This would have been a little more understandable if they had done this before the Asik deal or if they cancel the Asik deal. Although I really like Monroe, I still don’t like trading away Anderson, he’s an important part of the team chemistry. Dell, although I believe you have done a credible job while in New Orleans, you sure screwed up on EG

    • Pelicans all the way

      I agree about eg that was terrible but you have to understand why they did that. they had to keep him because we didn’t know we were going to get the #1 pick at that point and we didn’t have any one else they had show they were trying to show the fans and the nba that the commissioner was trying to give the hornets at that time a chance to be decent

  5. Pelicans all the way

    I think this is a great trade! Just think about the front court we would have with davis, Monroe and asik. the Pelicans would dominate the glass 1st team or second team doesn’t matter. Perfect example Davis didn’t play every game last season when he didn’t we had no goal protection and we lost the rebound battle every time, Davis Is a walking double double adding asik who is going to get 10 rebounds a game and greg Monroe who is another walking double double we are going to dominate. If this happened it would be camparable to the lakers when they had gasol odem and bynem
    obvesusly we don’t have a kobe but this moves makes us a def. contender.

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