2015/16 NBA Free Agent List Updated

The flurry of signings and roster moves in the first few weeks of free agency left several details unresolved, particularly when it came to the option years or non-guaranteed seasons included in each new contract signed this summer. Now that the dust has settled and the terms of most contracts have been reported, we have a clearer idea of what the free agent picture will look like in future offseasons.

We’ve combed over the reports and updated our register of the players who can hit the market next summer. Our list of 2015/16 free agents encompasses players with one last season to go on their contracts, players eligible for restricted free agency, and players with non-guaranteed salary and option clauses for the 2015/16 season. Names like Rajon Rondo, LaMarcus Aldridge and Marc Gasol highlight the list, and LeBron James is once more just months away from becoming a free agent if he chooses, since he has a player option.

Many players with option years or non-guaranteed deals almost certainly won’t hit the free agent market next summer. For instance, Jamal Crawford‘s contract for 2015/16 isn’t fully guaranteed, so you’ll find his name on our list, but barring a catastrophic turn of events, the Clippers will certainly be guaranteeing his deal eventually. We’ll continue to update our list as those sorts of decisions become official, and the list can be found anytime on the right sidebar under “Hoops Rumors Features.”

Additionally, a handful of players with non-guaranteed salary for 2015/16 also have non- or partially guaranteed contracts for 2014/15. Those players won’t find a spot on our ’15/’16 list until their statuses for the coming season are officially determined, so they can be found on the list of 2014/15 free agents in the meantime.

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