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One of the most compelling stories of late in the NBA involves Becky Hammon, who will become just the second woman ever to serve as an assistant coach for regular season NBA games when she does so on the Spurs bench this year. Reader TRAPstar hopes for a day when such news is routine: 

  • Interesting and good for her. However, we make too big a deal of these “groundbreaking achievements” by race and gender. I hope that it opens up a path for all of the smartest minds in basketball (i.e. Lisa Leslie, Sue Bird) to pass their knowledge along as coaches, regardless of gender.

Shawn Marion seems more likely to sign with the Cavs than anyone else, including the Pacers, who’ve also been in pursuit. Still, Kevin Alberda believes that there’s pressure on Indiana to change that.

  • Yeah, they need Marion really badly. Can’t possibly run out a SF depth chart of [Chris] Copeland and Solomon Hill and expect to win. Just can’t do it. Assuming Monroe is back, I don’t see any way the Pacers are realistically better than the Pistons. Should be a fight for that eighth seed between those two and maybe the Knicks.

The Cavs reportedly offered a first-round pick to the Nuggets for Timofey Mozgov, and while Cleveland would have to add salary to its proposal make a trade possible, LBCknickerbocker3 thinks Denver will be reluctant to give up the 7’1″ center.

  • Mozgov has been steadily improving over the years and has made himself a pretty good player. He would be a nice fit for Cleveland. I don’t see the Nuggets giving him up for a first-rounder though. Timmy is a favorite of Brian Shaw‘s and I know the Nuggets are looking to bounce back this year, which they can do with everyone healthy.

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