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Jimmy Butler is up for a rookie-scale extension, as we examined, and reader Golie-Lorenzo Green thinks it’s time for the Bulls to open their wallets.

  • The only reason his shooting percentage dropped is because he was being asked to do so much on defense and then was getting double-teamed on offense because there weren’t any other threats in the backcourt. With Derrick Rose returning, the addition of Doug McDermott, Pau Gasol and Tony Snell stepping it up, I think Butler will do good things offensively. The Bulls should get a contract in place now because if he improves on offense even a little bit they may lose him to free agency when that time comes. Butler is by far a top-five defender of wings in a league full of talented scorers at that position. The Bulls need him more than most realize.

Many Hoops Rumors readers are supportive of Sixers GM Sam Hinkie‘s radical rebuilding project, and count Michael Nguyen among them.

  • As a Sixer fan I have embraced the tank and still go to games because the seats are so cheap! If the plan works, the Sixers will dominate for at least a decade. If the plan fails they still get high draft picks. The current ownership group did try to win. They went all in and spent money on players and made trades for Andrew Bynum but things just didn’t work out one way or another. But I thoroughly am enjoying Hinkie’s plan.

The Cavs seem to have been scouring the market for centers of late, and Al-Zamar McKinney suggests a veteran who could also offer some rebounding.

  • I don’t know what the Cavs are waiting for, they need to hurry up and get Greg Stiemsma. He’s the best healthy all-around big man still on the market. He has great touch around the basket, he rebounds well enough to be a solid backup, and he knows how to protect to the rim.

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