Key Dates For 2014/15 NBA Season

Today is the last day before training camps begin for a few NBA teams, and the entire league will be in camp by Tuesday. The 2014/15 season is indeed upon us, and several dates will be important as teams continue to craft their rosters. Here’s a look at the key days on the calendar for NBA player movement between now and the end of the 2014/15 regular season:

  • September 27th: Training camps open for the Spurs, Cavs, Heat, Nets and Kings
  • September 30th: Training camps open for all other teams
  • October 27th: Deadline for teams to set opening-night rosters (4pm CT); last day for teams to execute sign-and-trades.
  • October 28th: Regular season begins
  • October 31st: Last day teams may sign players to rookie scale extensions; last day teams may exercise team options on rookie scale contracts
  • December 15th: First day that most players signed during the offseason may be traded
  • January 5th: First day that teams may sign players to 10-day contracts
  • January 7th: Teams must waive any remaining non-guaranteed contracts or guarantee them for the rest of the season (4pm CT)
  • January 15th: Last day teams can apply for disabled player exceptions
  • February 1st: Former first-round draft picks can begin signing rookie scale contracts that take effect in 2015/16.
  • February 19th: Trade deadline (2pm CT)
  • March 1st: Last day players can be waived and remain eligible to play in the postseason with another NBA team
  • March 10th: Deadline for teams to use disabled player exceptions
  • April 15th: Regular season ends; last day teams can sign players for 2014/15 regular season or playoffs; luxury tax calculations are based on rosters as of the end of the day and Larry Coon’s Salary Cap FAQ were used in the creation of this post.

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