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The Bulls are the most popular choice among Hoops Rumors readers who voted in a poll to identify the team not named the Cavaliers that had the most success this offseason, but reader Brent Nault believes Toronto GM Masai Ujiri and his staff deserve plaudits, too.

  • How about the Raptors? They were able to re-sign their key free agents in Kyle Lowry, Greivis Vasquez, and Patrick Patterson to fairly reasonable deals. Then they went out and turned John Salmons into a much-needed offensive weapon off the bench in Lou Williams, signed the wing defender they so desperately needed in James Johnson and signed a true backup center in Greg Stiemsma. They managed to keep their playoff team from last year together while filling the few holes they had on their roster, all while maintaining substantial cap flexibility for a Kevin Durant run in 2016.

Greg Monroe recently became the most high-profile player to sign a qualifying offer since rookie scale contracts came into existence, and Matt Buys gives his take on what it means for the Pistons:

  • As a Pistons fan, this feels like a decent outcome for the team. Ideally, we would have been able to get some assets for him in a sign-and-trade. The worst-case scenario would have been giving him something like $14 or $15MM a year for the next four or five years. Smart teams can find equal production — and more flexibility — from players who are far cheaper. Monroe is clearly the kind of “good, but not great” player that dumb teams waste mid-level money on because they’re scared of losing them for nothing. Thankfully, Monroe’s persistence to get out of Detroit didn’t allow the Pistons to make that mistake.

The Spurs have preserved their mid-level and biannual exceptions this summer, giving them ammunition in their pursuit of Ray Allen, as rxbrgr points out.

  • One advantage the Spurs have compared to about any other club competing for Allen’s services is they still have BOTH their exceptions left — that means they can offer a LOT more than the minimum if they would so choose. So, if Allen wants to prioritize money AND winning, then maybe the Spurs are his best choice.

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