Extension Candidate Series

Time is running out for teams to sign eligible players to rookie scale extensions this year, as the October 31st deadline looms for players and front offices working to strike a deal and avoid next summer’s restricted free agency. The market for restricted free agents this past summer bore plenty of surprises, and while some players, agents and franchises are willing to gamble, others will surely opt for security. The allure of the known quantity has already led to rookie scale extensions for the Cavs and Kyrie Irving, the Nuggets and Kenneth Faried, and the Suns and twins Marcus and Markieff Morris.

We’ve been taking focused, in-depth looks at some of the most intriguing candidates for extensions over the past few months. We’ll continue to do the same if there’s a compelling case to be made for one of the players eligible for veteran extensions, as we’ve already done with Rudy Gay, though such deals are rare.

This list of our Extension Candidate posts can be found at any time under the “Hoops Rumors Features” menu on the right sidebar. Here, in alphabetical order, are the extension candidates we’ve previewed so far, including those who’ve already signed extensions:

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