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There’s been plenty of discussion around the league about changing the draft lottery, and the NBA appears likely to approve a proposal to decrease the odds that the teams with the worst records will win the top pick. Reader Sky14 believes the measure could doom some franchises to years of losing.

  • The league is moving in the wrong direction with the draft. The worst teams should get the best picks, not the other way around. This could make rebuilds even longer than they already are and leave some teams in a perpetual rebuild because of bad “luck.”

The Kevin Love trade promises to spark debate for years to come. The talk continues even for the Warriors, who came close to acquiring the All-Star power forward but didn’t pull it off, in large measure because of Golden State’s reluctance to include Klay Thompson in proposals that met the demands of the Wolves. Still, Steve isn’t sold on the idea that Minnesota would have taken Thompson if the Warriors had relented.

  • I’m not sure the Warriors not including Klay Thompson in a trade package for Kevin Love is that big of a factor; I don’t see the why the Wolves would trade Love for one year of Thompson when they can hold out for four years of Andrew Wiggins at a little over $20MM. Especially when Klay is looking for max money next year. And that’s not even looking at how you’d rather have [Thaddeus] Young for one year and [Anthony] Bennett for four over two pricey years of David Lee and one year of Harrison Barnes.

The Nuggets wound up signing Kenneth Faried to a four-year, $50MM extension after reconfiguring what was reportedly to be a five-year, $60MM deal that would have run afoul of the stipulation that five-year rookie scale extensions start at the maximum salary. Another report had indicated that the sides were bound for four years and $48MM, but even that would have been an unfriendly arrangement for the Nuggets, ManBearPig618 opines.

  • I still don’t like this deal, no matter how it gets restructured. He’s a nice player, but he’s arguably not even top 15 at his position.

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