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More Hoops Rumors readers chose the Pacers than any other team in a recent poll that gauged the best fits for trade candidate Lance Stephenson, but reader ozzie is optimistic about a future in Charlotte for Stephenson.

  • I said it in the beginning, could be a problem fitting into the Hornets type of system. I don’t think he’d be missed but it’d be great if everything would just be worked out with having Lance as a Hornet. He’s young and the sky’s the limit on how far he could go. Still growing up!!! and needs to learn and get along, period.

The Lakers are in the mix for Rajon Rondo, and around the time that Rondo and Kobe Bryant kicked up a few rumors when they met for breakfast, boston2az wondered why the purple-and-gold would poke around at this point instead of waiting until free agency.

  • As much as I would love it, why in the world would the Lakers trade anything for Rondo? They’re going nowhere this year and will get a top 3 or 4 draft choice. Then they can get Rondo for nothing after the season. So the idea is that they trade a lot for Rondo so that they can win a couple of more games and mess up their draft selection?

Ralow believes the Knicks are without the necessary assets to trade for a long-term fixture and applauds team president Phil Jackson‘s willingness to be hesitant about making a deal.

  • This is precisely why he said they aren’t going to make a trade at this point. No trades just to be making a trade as the last 5 Knicks GMs always seemed to do. I’m glad someone is finally showing some patience in MSG. If Isiah Thomas had any patience, we would have drafted [Joakim] Noah and [LaMarcus] Aldridge instead of trading them (as draft picks) for one decent year of Eddy Curry.

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