Clippers Notes: Rivers, Douglas-Roberts, Farmar

Austin Rivers is now a member of the Clippers and playing for his father, Doc Rivers, as a result of the recent trade. Bulls swingman Mike Dunleavy Jr. was in a similar situation years ago when he almost ended up being dealt to Los Angeles to play for his father, former coach Mike Dunleavy, something the younger Dunleavy wanted no part of, A. Sherrod Blakely of writes. My concern was more with the locker room dynamic with the guys,” Dunleavy said.  “It just seemed to me to be an awkward situation.

Here’s more from Los Angeles:

  • Dunleavy is hopeful things will work out for the Rivers father-son tandem, but he’s far from convinced it will, Blakely adds. “I think there are only two ways it really works,” Dunleavy said. “You’re either the best player or the worst player. Those are the two extremes. Somewhere in between? That seems to me to be the greater challenge.
  • Sam Amick of USA Today tweeted that a locker room or chemistry issue led to the Clippers cutting ties with Jordan Farmar and Chris Douglas-Roberts. This drew a response via Twitter from Douglas-Roberts, who acknowledged there were chemistry issues in Los Angeles, but he denied being a negative influence in the locker room. Douglas-Roberts also tweeted his gratitude for the trade.
  • Farmar was disappointed that things didn’t work out for him with the Clippers, but the player acknowledged that he and the team weren’t a great fit, Broderick Turner of The Los Angeles Times writes. “I just never felt I had a real role,” Farmar said. “We talked in the offseason about what my job was going to be. The opportunity just wasn’t the same. It was never time for me to really ever get going and feel comfortable and feel like I had a place on the team.
  • When the elder Rivers contacted his son about potentially coming to L.A., Austin needed time to consider the proposition, Arash Markazi of writes. “The first thing I did was call my mom,” Austin Rivers said. “She’s going to have to deal with this. She was a wreck the first night. She was calling me, ‘What if this happens and what if that happens?’ I was like, ‘Mom, it’s not on anybody but me and him.’ At the end of the day, my job is to play and compete and that’s it. It’s not like in the last second of the game I’m going to have the ball in my hands. I know my role here. I know Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are the leaders.
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