Latest On Brook Lopez Trade Talks

2:01pm: The Nets want to build more consensus within their organization before they move ahead with any trade, according to Ohm Youngmisuk of (All Twitter links). Youngmisuk suggests a split still exists over Stephenson but says Lopez talks are liable to restart at any point.

1:07pm: The Nets still want to move Lopez soon, and the Heat remain part of the talks surrounding the center, as Wojnarowski reveals in a full story.

12:51pm: Brooklyn isn’t prepared to simply dump salary, according to TNT’s David Aldridge (on Twitter). The two-team proposal involving the Thunder would have been essentially a salary dump, as Broussard wrote earlier (below).

12:34pm: The Nets are “standing pat” on Lopez discussions for now, a Nets source tells Wojnarowski, saying that there’s nothing on the market that they find appealing (Twitter links).

12:26pm: The Rockets are also looking into Lopez, Wojnarowski tweets.

10:36am: The Thunder and the Nets are making progress on their two-team talks, Wojnarowski reports (on Twitter). Lamb would go along with Perkins to Brooklyn for Lopez, Wojnarowski says, though Oklahoma City would need to add yet more salary to make it work, since the Thunder are above the tax line and can’t take in more than 125% plus $100K of the salary they give up.

9:49am: It was unwillingness on the part of the Nets to take on Stephenson that has Brooklyn considering a two-way deal with the Thunder instead of the three-teamer with the Hornets and Thunder, Wojnarowski tweets.

9:32am: The Nets continue to talk to the Thunder about a swap involving Lopez and Perkins in what would be a virtual “salary dump” for Brooklyn, according to Broussard (Twitter links).

9:05am: It was indeed the Nets who pulled away from the talks with Charlotte and Oklahoma City, but it’s still likely Brooklyn will trade Lopez, Bonnell writes in a full story.

8:44am: The potential deal between the Thunder, Hornets and Nets is “dead” for the time being, a source tells Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer (on Twitter). Reed Wallach of NetsDaily hears there are a lot of deals in play for the Nets (Twitter link).

FRIDAY, 8:00am: The Nets are trying to change some of the players involved in talks with the Thunder and Hornets as Brooklyn continues to resist closing on a deal, Broussard tweets. The rumors have upset Lopez, as a friend of Lopez tells Robert Windrem of Nets Daily (Twitter link). The NetsDaily scribe writes in a full story that league sources say Stephenson’s absence from the Hornets’ lineup has been because of a poor relationship with coach Steve Clifford, and not a groin injury as the team claims.

THURSDAY, 11:57pm: It’d be a surprise if the Nets, Thunder and Hornets don’t come to a deal that sends Brook Lopez to Oklahoma City, numerous league sources tell Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer (Twitter link), who hears from one source who says such a trade is likely to happen, as Bonnell writes in a full story. The Thunder and Hornets have reportedly agreed to a framework of a trade that would involve Lopez going to the Thunder, Lance Stephenson and Kendrick Perkins going to the Nets, and Jarrett Jack and Jeremy Lamb going to the Hornets. Charlotte would also receive Grant Jerrett in that arrangement, tweets Chris Broussard of, though the Nets appear to be holding out as other teams pursue Lopez.

The Nuggets have spoken about a package involving JaVale McGee, but the Nets aren’t high on Denver’s injury-prone big man, reports Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. The Heat came forward with a proposal involving Chris Andersen, Norris Cole and Josh McRoberts, sources tell Wojnarowski. The Hornets would like to acquire Lopez for themselves, but Brooklyn prefers to send him to the Western Conference, Wojnarowski also hears. The Lakers are also reportedly interested in Lopez.

The Nets were reluctant to take on Stephenson last month, and while the front office remains cautious about him, as other teams around the league believe, Brooklyn’s ownership supports the idea of trading for him, as Wojnarowski details. Brooklyn’s talks involving Deron Williams haven’t found much footing, according to Wojnarowski. The team would like to rid itself of two of Lopez, Williams and Joe Johnson by the trade deadline, and the Nets have indicated to other teams that they want to make a Lopez deal by the weekend.

The Hornets have been “desperate” to trade Stephenson, according to Wojnarowski, though a month ago it appeared Charlotte had put an end to talks, at least temporarily. Still, there’s a strong belief that the shooting guard, a Brooklyn native, will end up back in his hometown, a move he’s hoped to make at some point, tweets Shams Charania of RealGM.

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26 thoughts on “Latest On Brook Lopez Trade Talks

      • Z....

        Once again, I’m not the biggest fan of Scott Brooks’ rotation, and I would probably have to say that sometimes the ball doesnt move enough. Also, KD doesnt get on the elbow enough and catch the ball closer to the basket. That being the case, they arent very good in the half court, which is the issue. They dont give their defense a chance to use their length and athleticism to be disruptive, especially when they’re having poor offensive possessions and getting bad shots or turning the ball over. Finally, Kendrick Perkins isnt starting. Honestly, he wouldnt play at all for me. I’d start Westbrook, Roberson, Jones, Durant, Ibaka, and Adams would come off the bench. Collison would get like 15-23 minutes at the most, and probably less than that (so thats the front court depth), and I come off the bench with my shooters and Reggie Jackson. You also have to know how to use the versatility of some of these guys that can play multiple positions. This team is way too talented to not be one of the better teams in basketball

        Brook Lopez is a TERRIBLE fit for the Thunder. They’re better off with Perkins. At least against Memphis, he can play a little defense at times

        • TimeisIllmatic

          100% agree. They definitely need a new coach. I think hiring George Karl is a perfect fit for a team like OKC.

          • Z....

            That’s actually a really good fit…I honestly used to think he was pretty good, and I had given him a pass with certain decisions until he continued to make the same ones in last year’s playoffs. If you aren’t going to make the proper adjustments when necessary, and it’s clear those things hurt the team, at some point it’s time to make a change from Scott Brooks.

            • TimeisIllmatic

              Yup, Brooks isn’t cutting it. I don’t see any type of system with that team. Westbrook has no discipline and he does whatever he wants. If they brought in Karl, I bet Westbrook wouldn’t be playing the way he plays jacking up terrible shots early in the shot clock. I also think he’d run sets to get KD in the post more. With all that height and length KD has, there needs to be some post up sets for him.

              • Z....

                Its not just Westbrook sometimes. As you mentioned in echoing my sentiments that KD needs to post more, their half court offense is generally Westbrook or Durant catching the ball well outside the 3 point line, then going 1 on 5, with maybe a couple of pick and rolls thrown in there. As for Westbrook, I want him to be aggressive, but there is a way you do that under control, and stopping the ball, and then eventually forcing shots isnt the way to do it. He can get whatever he wants on the floor. No need for him to force things. I personally feel that his decision making has been much improved, so I think in the right offensive system, you wouldnt see so much of that stuff anymore. At the end, it really is this lack of a system in the half court that hurts them b/c then nobody else is getting involved in the game, as there is no player movement, and then no ball movement.

                • TimeisIllmatic

                  Yup, true. I don’t have a problem with him attacking the rim because – well that gives him an advantage. You always should take advantage of your strengths. If they picked up Lopez, that would be a good pick up. He doesn’t even necessarily have to start games: he can be in the game late in the 4th. But it seems like talks have ended as of now.

                    • TimeisIllmatic

                      Well I mean they could use a post scorer. They’re not much of a half court team.

                      • Z....

                        I said that, but the reason for that is the way they play. They have the personnel to address that, and it starts with KD doing his work early, getting on the elbow, and catching the ball closer to the basket. I’m not asking him to back guys down, but when they do the things I outlined in the previous posts, he lets little dudes guard him, and thats unacceptable. Lopez is a slow, ball stopping, often injured, old, poor defensive C at a ridiculous price. Doesnt fit at all whatsoever

  1. TimeisIllmatic

    Curious what the Lakers trade offer was. I’m guessing Nash, Hill, plus a protected pick…

  2. Kevin6CD

    Besides the attitude problems, I’m a little surprised Charlotte can’t find a taker for Stephenson. His poor offensive production this year can be about 90% attributed to a shockingly bad season shooting the three. At 1y, $9M after this year (’16-’17 is a team option), why not give it a try? He’s still the same rebounder, defender and facilitator he was in Indy.

    • Chang in Charge

      No one wants to risk their locker room on him. It is really sad cause if and when Lance gets his act together he is a straight up baller.

      • Kevin6CD

        Yeah, it’s definitely unfortunate. Looks like they’d probably have to attach another asset to get a team to take him.

        • Z....

          I’d bet a lot that someone like the Heat would easily take him if they had the assets to actually get him. If that isnt the case, then somebody is messing up b/c as stated, this guy is a baller, and I honestly like his mentality for the most part.

          • Kevin6CD

            Me too. I think his rep is a little overblown; although it does seem like certain teammates haven’t enjoyed him, winning cures that.

  3. rxbrgr

    Thunder were wise not to hard-cap themselves, makes sense now why they didn’t give out their full MLE or BAE. Why not bite the bullet and pay the tax these next two years, and avoid the tax three-peat once the cap jumps in two summers.

  4. rxbrgr

    Brooklyn would have to waive/add another player of their own to the deal to be able to acquire 3 Thunder players (currently have 14 on roster). Anderson, Jordan, Jefferson, and Brown could all be shipped to OKC without aggregating their salaries (all on veteran’s minimums). Jefferson maybe, to replace Jarrett?

  5. rxbrgr

    It says a sad thing about Stephenson’s stock that the Nets basically prefer old Jarrett Jack and his hefty contract to the 24-year-old once-rising Lance…

  6. StantonLikeMyDaddy

    The Nets can’t afford to just dump salary without taking back some talent. With all those first rounders they traded, they have no choice but to try and contend. Amazing how Billy King still has a job.

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