Hinkie On: Carter-Williams, McGee, Draft

Sixers GM Sam Hinkie spoke with reporters on Friday about the trades he has made this season, and what they mean to his franchise moving forward. The entire press conference was transcribed by John Smallwood of The Philadelphia Daily News, and here are some of the highlights.

When asked about taking on salaries to acquire draft picks, Hinkie said:

One of the ways we are trying to build our team is to try and transact with other teams and to try to help other teams to solve their problems. That’s exactly the kind of deal we’ve been out looking at and been transacting throughout the year, which is ways in which we might use our cap space to help other teams and ways they might help us with our future. After much back and forth, we agreed to take JaVale McGee if they would include the Oklahoma City pick.

On trading Michael Carter-Williams:

 “Michael kind exploded on his introduction into the NBA with that steal and dunk to start against Miami. From that moment, people have called and assumed we might move him and assumed that maybe they could get their hands on him. We said the same thing every time – we’re not interested in moving him. We like him. The only way we would ever move him was if someone blew us away. We rejected offer after offer over the last year or more, but something came along that we think is really interesting and really scarce, which was that pick from the Lakers. Those picks do not move around very much. It is almost impossible to get your hands on a pick that at least has a chance to be a high lottery pick. In the end, that made us decide it was the right thing to do to move our program forward.

When asked why a conditional draft pick was worth more than a former Rookie of the Year, Hinkie responded:

It is how you think about uncertainty. Do you think about uncertainty as scary and something to be afraid of? Or do you think try to look at it as, where are the opportunities there to make our team better? It’s not about Michael at all. I think Michael has a very bright future is this league. It is still necessary for someone to look at the tough decisions we have to make to move our program forward. Michael did nothing wrong. It is possible for two things to be really valuable – both Michael and something else.”

On which of the possible three protected first-round picks the team owns that Hinkie expects to have available for the 2015 draft:

Gut feeling, my guess is the Lakers pick is very unlikely to convey this year, for a whole host of reasons. The Oklahoma City pick , I would give it loosely 30/70 odds of conveying this year. I think it’s much more likely to convey next year. I think the Miami pick is increasingly likely to convey this year.

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2 thoughts on “Hinkie On: Carter-Williams, McGee, Draft

  1. guccci7383

    im intrested in seeing where that lakers pick fall next yr.. i think its going to be a top 10. gonna wacth closely the player they select with it

  2. Michael Nguyen

    Sixers could have a possible 4 first round picks in the top20. Their Pick, Laker pick, Heat Pick and the OKC pick. Best scenario they end up 1,6,11 and 19.


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