2015 Draft Order, Lottery Odds

Here’s a look at the odds for the May 19th draft lottery. The figures in red denote the chances that the Sixers, who get the Lakers’ pick if it falls out of the top five and the Heat’s pick if it falls out of the top 10, have of receiving those picks in each lottery position. Picks marked with an X are impossible for a team to land. Spaces in which “0.0%” appears means there’s less than a 0.05% chance the team will end up with that pick.


Here’s a look at the full order, with each of the 60 picks as they stand:

First Round

  1. *Timberwolves
  2. *Knicks
  3. *Sixers
  4. *Lakers — to Sixers if pick falls out of top five
  5. *Magic
  6. *Kings
  7. *Nuggets
  8. *Pistons
  9. *Hornets
  10. *Heat — to Sixers if Miami is passed in lottery
  11. *Pacers
  12. *Jazz
  13. *Suns
  14. *Thunder
  15. Hawks (via Nets)
  16. Celtics
  17. Bucks
  18. Rockets (via Pelicans)
  19. Wizards
  20. Raptors
  21. Mavericks
  22. Bulls
  23. Trail Blazers
  24. Cavaliers
  25. Grizzlies
  26. Spurs
  27. Lakers (via Rockets)
  28. Celtics (via Clippers)
  29. Nets (via Hawks)
  30. Warriors

*— subject to lottery

Second Round

  1. Timberwolves
  2. Rockets (via Knicks)
  3. Celtics (via Sixers)
  4. Lakers
  5. Sixers (via Magic)
  6. Timberwolves (via Kings)
  7. Sixers (via Nuggets)
  8. Pistons
  9. Hornets
  10. Heat
  11. Nets
  12. **Jazz or Pacers
  13. **Jazz or Pacers
  14. Suns
  15. Celtics
  16. Bucks
  17. Sixers (via Pelicans)
  18. Thunder
  19. Wizards
  20. Hawks (via Raptors)
  21. Magic (via Bulls)
  22. Mavericks
  23. Cavaliers (via Trail Blazers)
  24. Jazz (via Cavaliers)
  25. Spurs
  26. Pelicans (via Grizzlies)
  27. Nuggets (via Clippers)
  28. Sixers (via Rockets)
  29. Hawks
  30. Sixers (via Warriors)

** — The Jazz and Pacers finished with identical regular season records, but the random draw for the teams’ first-round picks only determined lottery position, not final draft position. It’s possible that Utah’s first-rounder will emerge from the lottery in a higher position than Indiana’s. If that happens, Indiana will take the 12th pick in the second round (42nd overall) and Utah will take the 13th (43rd). Otherwise, the Jazz will have the 12th pick in the second round and the Pacers will have the 13th.

NBA.com and a Celtics.com piece by Celtics assistant GM Mike Zarren were used in the creation of this post. For more on how the lottery works, check out our Hoops Rumors Glossary item.

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