2015/16 Roster Counts: Houston Rockets

During the offseason it’s OK for teams to carry as many as 20 players, but clubs must trim their rosters down to a maximum of 15 by opening night. In the meantime, some teams will hang around that 15-man line, while others will max out their roster counts. Some clubs may actually have more than 15 contracts that are at least partially guaranteed on the books. That means they’ll end up paying players who won’t be on the regular season roster, unless they can find trade partners.

With plenty more movement still to come, here’s the latest look at the Rockets’ roster size, the contract guarantee status of each player, and how each player came to be on Houston’s roster.

(Last Updated 3-9-16, 6:00pm)

Fully Guaranteed (15)

10-Day Contracts (0)

  • None


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