Lakers Pursuing Both Aldridge And Jordan?

Executives believe that the Lakers are looking to clear space in order to offer deals to both LaMarcus Aldridge and DeAndre Jordan, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports (on Twitter).  As Woj previously reported (link), the Lakers are currently working to unload contracts in order to carve out significantly more cap space than they presently have.

On Tuesday, Chris Broussard of reported that Jordan is tired of being third in line behind Chris Paul and Blake Griffin and wants a larger role on offense.  In that story, Broussard painted the Jordan chase as something of a two horse race with a 50/50 shot of him either staying with the Clippers or joining up with the Mavs.  Now, it sounds as though Jordan could remain in Los Angeles while changing uniforms.  Jordan, who’s said he won’t be “greedy” and seek a one-year deal that would take him to a surging salary cap next summer, can receive more money and a longer contract from the Clippers than from any other team. However, it’s likely that Jordan will sign a four-year deal with a player option on year four no matter which team he signs with, as Broussard reported earlier today. The Mavs, meanwhile, offer the advantage of no state income tax, which neither the Clippers nor Lakers can offer.

The Lakers are set to meet with Aldridge Tuesday night and Kobe Bryant is expected to be a part of their pitch.  Magic Johnson, meanwhile, won’t be around for the Lakers’ initial free agent pitches, since he’s on vacation in Europe.  On Monday it was reported that the Blazers big man is leaning towards signing with the Lakers.

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