J.R. Smith To Meet With Cavs

Unrestricted free agent J.R. Smith will meet with the Cavs this week to talk about a new contract and is aware that there’s a decent chance he will make less than the $6.4MM he left on the table when he declined his player’s option with Cleveland in June, Joe Vardon of the Northeast Ohio Media Group reports.

Smith told Vardon he had discussions with the Blazers, but they did not amount to anything. Smith reiterated that he would like to come back to Cleveland. “I definitely want to come back to Cleveland,” Smith said. “The coaches, the team, everything about the situation, it’s perfect for me.”

The team was unhappy with Smith’s decision to opt out and started looking for a replacement, according to previous reports. At this point, most free agents, at least the top ones, have been signed and the list of teams with cap space is dwindling. Smith, 29, averaged 12.7 points per game and shot 39% from three-point range during the regular season with the Cavs after being acquired from the Knicks.

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4 thoughts on “J.R. Smith To Meet With Cavs

  1. Leo Green

    I think that JR Smith made a big mistake by opting out you should it off and stay with the Cavs and I think you should stay with the team now whatever it takes stay with The team and with LeBrons they love you there man stay

  2. Mack Green

    Smith has an inflated sense of his value. Played himself by opting out hoping his boy LBJ could bully/influence management to give him a fat deal. He’ll be fortunate to receive the $2.8M exception, and that will take a toll on his fragile mentality. If he manages to last a full season the Cavs may regret bringing him back.

    • KnicksCavsFan

      I don’t think he has an inflated since of his VALUE. I think he may have overestimated the amount of suitors that might be out there willing to take a chance on him. I also do not think his agent advised him wisely. At the end of the day, I think Smith wants security. They could’ve negotiated an extension that would not have hurt the Cavs, with regards to the lux tax, but paid more in the next couple of years once the cap shoots up considerably.

      But in comparison, look at what Marco Belinelli @ 3/$19 mil, Lou Williams @ 3/$21 mil and Wesley Matthews @ 4/$70 mil signed for. The Belinelli/William’s contract would be the floor and Matthews the ceiling. Numbers wise only, Smith compares favorably to all 3.

      I think security is the key and if Smith had been patient the Cavs may have appeased him with something beyond 2015, although with some options involved to protect the Cavs a bit.

      • Dana Gauruder

        Smith’s prior baggage certainly discourages many teams from pursuing him, particularly non-contenders who are leery that he won’t work hard or be a positive influence in the locker room.

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