Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 8/31/15

There was plenty of drama and intrigue regarding this summer’s free agent class, highlighted by All-Star power forward LaMarcus Aldridge signing with the Spurs and the DeAndre Jordan saga, which ultimately left the Mavs fuming and the Clippers rejoicing.

Next summer promises to be another fascinating chapter in the league’s annual player sweepstakes but no other situation bears more watching than Kevin Durant’s decision on his long-term future. Durant, who will make more than $20MM this season, becomes an unrestricted free agent in July. The prospect of one of the league’s true superstars going on the market will have executives and fans around the league salivating.  As Bleacher Report’s Kevin Ding recently put it, Durant’s foray into the open market is shaping up as the “biggest non-LeBron free agency the NBA has ever seen.”

It’s no secret that the Wizards have been clearing salary-cap space to make a run at the Washington, D.C. native. The Mavs, Lakers, Heat, Knicks and Nets are other teams expected to make a spirited run at Durant. Several other suitors are likely to surface in the Durant sweepstakes by the time next summer rolls around.

Of course, it’s no lock that Durant will change uniforms. If he fully recovers from the foot injuries that plagued him last season, Durant could lead the Thunder to their second appearance in the NBA Finals. The dynamic duo of Durant and Russell Westbrook now has an interior scoring threat with the presence of Enes Kanter, and Serge Ibaka is still around to provide rebounding and defense in the middle. A deep playoff run, perhaps even a championship, could convince Durant to stay right where he is.

Thus, our question of the day is as follows: Will Kevin Durant re-sign with the Thunder or will he change uniforms next summer? If he leaves, which team has the best chance to land his services? 

Take to the comments section below to share your thoughts and opinions on Durant’s future.

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20 thoughts on “Hoops Rumors Community Shootaround 8/31/15

    • Chuck Myron

      It’s always fun to dream, but there’s about as much chance of that happening as there is of Bill Laimbeer coming out of retirement next summer.

  1. Chuck Myron

    The Thunder can give him more money than anyone else and a chance to contend, and he has expressed no misgivings about the team. I say he sticks right where he is.

    • Chris Crouse

      I agree. I think he stays put, but I predict a short-term deal similar to LeBron’s

    • OKC is an incredible team.I think there’s no question he’d re-sign there if Ibaka and Westbrook were guaranteed to stay, but those two could be gone after 16-17, and so Durant might not want to commit long-term.

      But Adams and McGary are both incredibly talented and improving, so maybe they only need Westbrook to be an elite team in the future.

      • Dana Gauruder

        A trip to the Finals this year would make all of them feel like they’re in the right place. A playoff flameout would probably convince Durant to change uniforms.

  2. Jacob Jackson

    Rockets. No state income tax, 2nd best team in the West, the team needs him to get over the hump and win a title, and he loves Texas from his time in college. He’s also very good friends with Lawson and Harden.

    Dwight Howard will opt out, and the Rockets will keep his cap hold on the books until they get a quiet commitment from Durant. Then they will renounce Dwight, sign Durant, then to back over the cap to sign Motiejunas and T jones to figures well above their cap holds.

    • Dana Gauruder

      That seems like an enticing scenario for Durant, especially if he feels that he has a better chance to win titles with Harden rather than Westbrook.

    • Dana Gauruder

      Durant might view the Eastern Conference as an easier path to a title, even though he would have to overcome LeBron and the Cavs along the way. But I doubt he will look at the Raptors’ roster and see himself as their missing piece.

    • Dana Gauruder

      I agree the Wizards are the main threat. They’ve got good pieces and have cleared plenty of cap space, which would allow them not only to bring in Durant but other prominent free agents.

  3. Jay dee

    Knicks of course. He and D Fisher are tight as can be. Roc nation want him in a big market. Melo and KD love playing together for USA. And KD is tight with ass. coach Brian Keefe as well.

    • Dana Gauruder

      Phil Jackson needs to do something big to justify his huge salary as the so-called Knicks savior. Signing Durant would certainly qualify.

  4. Warriors. KD said it was like basketball heaven being able to bounce ideas off Steph and Draymond at the recent Team USA Camp. If he doesn’t win the Title in OKC this year I think he’d strongly consider Golden State

    • Dana Gauruder

      Warriors already have five players making $11MM or more the next 2 seasons, so they’d probably have to shed salary to fit Durant in. But the Durant-Curry combo would have dynasty written all over it.

  5. I think durant realizes the road through the west is way to difficult. I think he comes east. Washington or new york.

    • Dana Gauruder

      I agree that if Durant came East, he would elevate them to being one of the top two teams in the conference. They’d still have to get past LeBron and the Cavs to make the Finals.

  6. C Popp

    The Wiz have a great chance, but I don’t think Durant will look at Randy Wittman as the right coach to get that team to the NBA Finals. So I think if he does choose DC, it will either be a short-term Lebron-style deal, he’ll push for a new coach that he approves of, or both.

    • Dana Gauruder

      If Durant told the Wizards next summer he’d come there if they hired a different coach, Wittman would probably be gone by the end of the day.

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