Latest On Spurs, 2013 Pick Deshaun Thomas

SEPTEMBER 18TH, 6:14pm: The Spurs filed their required tender by the September 10th deadline to retain their draft rights to Thomas, a source told international journalist David Pick (Twitter link).  It’s unclear if Thomas has signed the tender, which by rule is a non-guaranteed one-year offer for the minimum salary, but Thomas posted photos to Instagram today showing him in Spurs workout gear at San Antonio’s practice facility, as Pick also relays.

SEPTEMBER 2ND, 11:03am: Deshaun Thomas, whom San Antonio drafted 58th overall in 2013, would sign with the Spurs if they make him an offer, a source tells international journalist David Pick (Twitter link). The 6’7″ combo forward from Ohio State has played in France and Spain the last two seasons. The Spurs have only the minimum salary to give, but they have deals with only 18 players and guaranteed pacts with just 13, leaving open spots beneath the 20-man offseason roster limit and the 15-man regular season limit.

Reports from recent weeks have indicated that San Antonio has shown interest in Rasual Butler and Brazilian center Rafael Hettsheimeir, though it’s unclear where the Spurs see Thomas in relation to them. Thomas wasn’t on the Spurs summer league squad this year, in contrast to the past two Julys.

The 24-year-old former McDonald’s All-American averaged 7.9 points and 2.6 rebounds in 20.2 minutes per game with 37.4% three-point shooting for Barcelona of Spain this past season. He was a fairly prolific scorer in college, pouring in 19.8 PPG in 35.4 MPG in 2012/13, his final season with the Buckeyes. Thomas would compete with Matt Bonner, Jimmer Fredette, Reggie Williams, Youssou Ndoye and Keifer Sykes to make it to opening night if he indeed winds up with the Spurs for the preseason.

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6 thoughts on “Latest On Spurs, 2013 Pick Deshaun Thomas

  1. rxbrgr

    If no other opportunities open up, what’s the harm in giving him an Exhibit 9 contract, stash him in the D-League.

    • Chuck Myron

      The only issue with signing him, waiving him and keeping his D-League rights is that they’d lose his NBA rights by waiving him. I think if the Spurs want him in the D-League, they’d prefer he go directly there rather than detouring into NBA training camp first.

    • The problem is that he is one of the best players in Europe.There are so many teams among Red Star who are willing to sign him and play him in Euroleague.Why would a player who can play in almost every team in Euroleague be willing to play in D-League…He’s not some random young unproven talented player who is willing to play in D-League for minimal contract.There’s no logic in that…Yeah sure,NBA is is NBA and oportunity to play there don’t come everyday,but D-League and high salary in Euroleague can’t be compared.Cheers! Sorry for my bad English.

      • Chuck Myron

        Yeah, he definitely has financial motivation to play in Europe. I think that’s why this development is really significant, because it’s tough to see him getting a guaranteed offer from the Spurs even if San Antonio does want to sign him to the NBA roster for camp. (And you have much better English than a lot of native speakers I know, so no worries!)

  2. Ryan Brubaker

    No rush to ever bring home over. He could have an outside shot to stick but might as well wait until There is no D. West and Diaw. And Kyle Anderson is a lock to get minutes off the bench at 3. I think he could beat out Reggie Williams for what it’s worth

    • Chuck Myron

      The end of the bench probably matters for the Spurs more than it does for just about anybody, given how Pop likes to rest guys and plays a pretty deep rotation a lot of the time anyway. In that respect, if you think he could beat out Reggie Williams, it might be worth bringing him to camp.

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