2015/16 NBA Projected Payroll Rankings

The NBA’s salary cap for 2015/16 has been set at $70MM, which is an 11% increase from this past season, and the luxury tax line is fixed at $84.74MM. Only five NBA teams are currently under the salary cap, while eight franchises are currently in danger of having to pay luxury tax at the end of the season. We at Hoops Rumors broke down the cap commitments for each franchise, and listed below is how each franchise ranks for total projected payroll in descending order. You can also click on each individual team name to see the franchise’s complete cap rundown for this campaign.

  1. Cleveland Cavaliers$109,845,352
  2. Oklahoma City Thunder: $97,157,411
  3. Los Angeles Clippers: $96,452,986
  4. Golden State Warriors:  $95,487,927
  5. Miami Heat: $90,269,303
  6. Chicago Bulls$89,024,375
  7. Houston Rockets: $87,263,972
  8. San Antonio Spurs: $86,393,645
  9. Brooklyn Nets$83,332,111
  10. Memphis Grizzlies: $82,491,067
  11. New Orleans Pelicans: $81,680,265
  12. Washington Wizards: $81,495,782
  13. Boston Celtics$77,554,204
  14. Charlotte Hornets$76,792,845
  15. Detroit Pistons$76,654,794
  16. Phoenix Suns: $74,555,313
  17. New York Knicks: $73,780,604
  18. Sacramento Kings: $72,671,296
  19. Dallas Mavericks$72,544,449
  20. Milwaukee Bucks: $72,323,736
  21. Indiana Pacers: $72,146,260
  22. Toronto Raptors: $71,969,710
  23. Los Angeles Lakers: $71,965,372
  24. Atlanta Hawks$71,547,369
  25. Minnesota Timberwolves: $71,466,973
  26. Denver Nuggets$68,615,742
  27. Orlando Magic: $68,460,002
  28. Utah Jazz: $62,736,415
  29. Philadelphia 76ers: $59,874,618
  30. Portland Trail Blazers: $49,375,118

The Basketball Insiders salary pages were used in the creation of this post.

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One thought on “2015/16 NBA Projected Payroll Rankings

  1. brad jamison

    blazers team salary comes in under 45 mil, so, it’s counting money off the roster, and one of their players is listed as getting paid half the league minimum, montero, however that was managed…ironic, paul allen, who is one of the top fifty or sixty richest men in the world, has the lowest team salary by over ten million and, by my calculations, a whopping 25 mil under the salary cap…Way to go King Paul, way to go. BTW, where’s your philanthropy, the kind the serfs used to enjoy back in the gilded age of robber barons.


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